Kanye And Fall Out Boy Make Certain Idolator Readers’ Heads Explode

Aug 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

kanyefob.jpgARTIST: Kanye West and Fall Out Boy
TITLE: Blends, Mashups, And Remixes
WEB DEBUT: Aug. 22, 2007

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Please, you took one look at that cover and either a.) vomited slightly into your mouth or b.) already started downloading this mixtape of freestyles, new verses, and old Kanye songs over rejiggered Fall Out Boy tracks out of sheer perverse curiosity. Some of the tracks are rebuilt from the ground up with hip-hop beats colored in with hooks provided by Fall Out Boy’s guitars and warbling. Others are basically FOB songs left intact with some rapping dropped on the intros and breakdowns. All of it is designed to make you cringe/laugh/secretly sing along/worry for the future.
THE BEST TRACK: The “Arms Race Megamix,” which sounds like a pretty decent mixtape posse cut with some odd samples. It’s also hopefully the only time T.I. will come anywhere near a Fall Out Boy song. (Lil Wayne, on the other hand, is probably recording with them right now, the big whore.) Second best is the “Sugar We’re Going Down” remix, imagine a lite-grunge pop “Party Like A Rock Star.” (I know, I know–I’m not really dong a very good job at selling this, am I?) Worst track is most definitely the mawkish “Jesus Walks” rework, where the new FOB-assisted, guitar-led beat drops out midway through for an inexplicable (if explicably awful) acoustic take on Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Sadly it’s Patrick Stump singing it and not Kanye.
WHERE TO FIND IT: The Leak Source

  1. ascot-revival

    Kanye: *winks suggestively* Hey, FOB…can I touch your guitar?

    FOB: Hehe. *plays with hair* Of course. You can mash our tracks anytime.

  2. brainchild

    *jumps out of window*

  3. brainchild

    @ascot-revival: don’t give them any ideas!

  4. hortense

    “Presented by PDA and His Army of DJS”….and also Honda Pepsi Max Extreme Don’t Call it a Phone Soda Mobile.

  5. Ned Raggett

    an inexplicable (if explicably awful) acoustic take on Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

    It can’t be worse than what the Killers did to “Shadowplay.”

  6. brainchild

    @Ned Raggett: never underestimate the suckiness of Fall Out Boy.

  7. Trackback

    Download it here. (spotted via Idolator)

  8. Kate Richardson

    @ascot-revival: You are a hero.

  9. the rich girls are weeping

    Wow, totally underwhelming. Bummer.

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