Ted Nugent Lobs A Bomb In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race

Aug 23rd, 2007 // 12 Comments


Ted Nugent and heavy weaponry is a logical combination at this point, but what’s not so logical is the choice of a bizarre (and ugly) claymation grenade for the cover of his new CD. Who designed this, Art Clokey? Should we expect Gumby and the Nuge on VH1 within the year? The Nuge and Goliath? “Gee Teddy, we might get in a lot of trouble borrowing dad’s crossbow.” “Quiet Goliath, or I’ll eat you raw.” I’m not even going to get into the ribbon, which is pink for … what? Love? Wang dang sweet poontang?

Ted Nugent – Love Grenade [Amazon; hat tip to Lucas Jensen]

  1. Christopher R. Weingarten

    Support breast cancer research, guys.

  2. FionaScrapple


    And, of course, examine them regularly! – The Nuge

  3. Dickdogfood

    I think what the cover is trying to tell is that just like Ted’s music, breast cancer is very loud and dangerous when it explodes.

  4. McCroskey

    Who does not want to wear de ribbon?!

  5. Twilly

    Does the title imply he loves “cancerous breast grenades?”

    Or will his “grenade of love” will cure breast cancer?

    So many questions.

  6. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Ok, Uncle Ted. We get it.

  7. noamjamski

    I went to that show in Times Square once tickets became free.

    He played a new track called Girl Scout Cookies which was so over the top I could no longer understand if he was making double entendres or if he really does like girl scout cookies.

    This is all the more creepier since Wango Tango and a bunch of his other early hits were about his 15 year old teenage bride.

  8. Lucas Jensen

    @WhineyPTW: Knowing the Nuge, he’s probably AGAINST Breast Cancer Awareness, just ’cause he’s a jackass.

  9. Bob Loblaw

    @Twilly: Love, a feel-good concept created
    by liberals to justify gun control, has been medically proven to
    metastasize in some 12-18% of believers. The grenade is
    metaphorical–by destroying this false construct of human “empathy,”
    Nugent hopes to stem the tide of breast cancer, while at the same time
    striking a blow for the second amendment.

  10. Maura Johnston

    @Lucas Jensen: But pro-breast. For sure.

  11. Twilly

    @Bob Loblaw:

    Thank you for clearing that up, I can now sleep easy tonight…

    with my gun under my pillow just in case the terrorists come to get me.

  12. AcidReign

        Yep, that’s Ted. Author of fine ditties such as the top hit: “My Love is Like a Tire Iron.”

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