Britney Spears In “New Song” Shocker

Aug 23rd, 2007 // 23 Comments

britters.jpgARTIST: Britney Spears
WEB DEBUT: Aug. 23, 2007

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Over a sad-piano backing track that sounds like it was sampled from Sean Preston’s music box, Britney sings, sometimes melismatically, about being deserted by her “baby boy” (Oh No They Didn’t has the lyrics), then breaks off from her pity party to take a phone call from an unidentified person who she “loves,” and who is given an important grocery-store errand. (What, exactly, the person on the other end has to pick up is never mentioned. Cheetos? Red Bull? A new bowler hat?) After the phone call, she’s back to mourning her lost love, and from there the track fizzles its way to its eventual close. Throughout, Britney’s voice sounds oddly strained and musical-theaterish, especially in the last “dramatic” chorus. You guys, if this is the song she’s going to perform at the VMAs, we are in for quite the untitled ninth-grade-acting-class treat. (Maybe she can get Jon Voight to cameo as the person who rings her up? Or even better: R. Kelly!)
WHERE TO FIND IT: Ryan Seacrest debuted the song on his KIIS-FM show this morning, and now it’s streaming from the show’s official site (via ONTD).

  1. Anonymous

    Britney? I thought she was dead or something.

  2. Julio Allison

    Fuck, she really did fire all her ‘people’, didn’t she?

  3. Steverino

    This is all so weird, crazy, and TMI and reminds me of Michael Jackson’s HIStory album–except without the 25-year career precursor.

  4. guitarsnob

    “Trouble with you is the trouble with me,
    you got two good eyes but you still don’t see.
    Come ’round the bend, you know it’s the end,
    the fireman screams and the engine just gleams”

    God I love me a train wreck.

  5. Tauwan

    I seriously kept waiting for Britney to turn this song into Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. Sadly, that never occured.

  6. FionaScrapple

    At least it’s not a song about ice, dubs, or grilles. Hang in there, Brit!

  7. Pope John Peeps II

    Remember how Dave Chappelle had to quit the reefer? This chick seriously needs to start. It would do her so much good.

  8. Butch Huskey

    it’s not really Britney

  9. King of Pants

    I hope this is a lesson to you all: when your 14-year-old daughter, who’s not doing too great in school, has an idea about this Disney TV show audition she wants to try, say no.

  10. SexFlush

    :just listened:

    it’s a widdle wuv note to k-fed bout the way we wuz.

    that’s really, really so sad.

    I think she asked him to pick up some pot on the way home.

  11. no.darling

    Why would the fireman scream?

  12. Dops

    That was sad *gulp* I think I’d rather listen to Heidi and Spencer. Eeek. That said, I still can’t wait for her VMA performance.

  13. Jory

    they removed all the breath noises from the track?

    God you can hear the compositing (combining many different takes to try to get one decent track)

  14. spinachdip

    @sjc: No no no, you can’t blame Disney for how Britney turned out. Christina seems pretty well adjusted, despite her midget-drag-queen-meets-Whitney thing, JT is banging Jessica Biel, Ryan Gosling is about the most likable Oscar nominee there is (and banging Rachel McAdams?), and Keri Russell, well, she seems nice.

  15. Terri Ann

    Did it sound like she was channeling some of her inner Christina Aguilera for a bit there or am I hearing things? Maybe it’s the sound of her not singing out of her nose that’s throwing me off.

  16. Thierry

    won/one/one/son…really worked on those rhymes, didn’t she?

    Also, she sounds more out of breath than Elvis performing “Unchained Melody” on his last TV special, 6 weeks before his death:

  17. Bob Loblaw

    Much like the addition of horns, talking over a track always makes it better.

  18. narymary

    I can’t wait till the scandal comes out about the wounded goat that did all the actual singing.

  19. Lax Danja House

    @Tauwan: haha I was thinking the same thing

    The song’s better than I expected. It’s not amazing or anything, it’s not a hit, and it sounds very rough, but her vocals have improved, even if they’ve pulled together a bunch of takes.

  20. saturn

    Listen to the toy piano on the Britney track, then listen to Bright Eyes’ “Lover I Don’t Have to Love”
    Where is the kid with the chemicals, indeed.

    Or am I hearing things?

  21. jopari actually likes the G1, thank you very much.

    @saturn: Nope, I hear it too. It’s not a complete ripoff, but it’s pretty similar.

  22. saturn

    @jopari: I finally realized what else it sounds like. Under the toy piano, it’s “Glory Box” by Portishead.

  23. ilovejohnnythunders

    fionascrapple is so right:
    “At least it’s not a song about ice, dubs, or grilles.”
    i’m so sick of people churning out crap like that. the song seems introspective. give brinny a break. it couldve been so much worse. Britney is in her blues period. LOL!

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