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morrissey.jpgMorrissey has turned down an inconcievable $75 million to engineer a Smiths reunion tour, citing the usual issues of pride, ongoing blood feud with Johnny Marr, act of God, blah blah. I will be more than happy to take his place in Morrissey drag for $30, $35 million tops. [Billboard]

  1. CloudCarrier

    Conceivably, in ten years or less, I’m sure he & Johnny will break bread again, and that 75 will look like nothing, in comparison to what they could make sans that rich weirdo/corporation offering a “deal”, on their own terms. Concert profit margins being what they are now, they still could make twice that amount if they ran the whole reunion ship themselves. If not, I’m sure Moz will start a Modest Mouse/Cilla Black cover band, and then I’ll finally have a reason to visit Las Vegas for my 48th birthday.

  2. Breliant

    Its not Marr that Moz has a problem with, its Joyce and Rourke, especially Joyce.

  3. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @jetblackturd: Nevermind that he spelled it correctly in the second sentence of his comment…

    $75 million? For the Smiths? C’mon.

  4. heyzeus


    You make me laugh. At you, not with you. What I mean to say is, your vitriolic idiocy is funny to me, like a sad clown who poops himself. I almost have schadenfreude.

  5. TheMojoPin

    The Smiths were/are enjoyable and all, but I definitely prefer Moz’s first few solo albums to anything he ever did with Marr and co..

    And I must also salute Marr’s dogged determination since the Smiths to be involved in as many bands as possible where his guitar playing couldn’t be any more bland, unnecessary or minimal. Kudos, Johnny!

  6. Lucas Jensen

    @FunkyJ: Um, are you kidding> Did you just mention grunge?

  7. Lucas Jensen

    @TheMojoPin: You are, sadly, very correct. It’s an embarrassment. Hell, I love at least five Moz solo albums.

  8. amandacobra

    Bear in mind that this is coming from someone who had Smiths lyrics written on her backpack in white out throughout high school. BUT…..I don’t think I would be anything but let down by a semi-Smiths reunion.

    1983 – Smiths = best band ever
    2007 – Smiths = the guitarist from Modest Mouse playing with Morissey and some other dudes.

    Now if the Polecats were brought into the equation….we will revisit this topic.

  9. FunkyJ

    I’ll pay him $75 million NOT to reform The Simths.

    The Smiths suck. They’ve always sucked.

    The only reason anyone liked them is they struck a chord with the masses of pathetic teenagers of the 1980s.

    Now that Grunge and Emo have come to represent teenagers, the Smiths only live on through those who refused to grow up into anything but pathetic adults.

  10. Hyman Decent

    @Breliant: This offer required Moz to perform with Marr, not Rourke or Joyce. You’re right about him not having (much of) a problem with Marr. Depending on whom you ask, Morrissey’s reason for turning this down was because he’s against nostalgia or he doesn’t like his solo work being overshadowed by The Smiths.

    @FunkyJ: Tony Wilson posts from beyond the grave!

  11. jetblackturd

    @FunkyJ: Dear Alan Magee, it’s spelt ‘Smiths’.

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