FYE’s $18.99 Price Points Will Outlive Us All

Aug 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Trans World Entertainment–operators of the curiously acronymed last-mall-music-store-standing FYE, as well as the Suncoast Video chain–announced that total sales for the second quarter of 2007 had decreased 10% since the same period in 2006. In the release announcing the earnings–and the exciting news that every last remaining mall store out there has finally been brought under FYE’s umbrella–CEO Robert Higgins said that he was looking forward to Trans World becoming “gaining more traction toward becoming the total entertainment retailer of choice.” Which sounds like a really nice way to say “the last ones left holding the bag,” but, you know, lemons into lemonade, right?

Trans World Entertainment Announces Second Quarter 2007 Results [CNNMoney]


  1. ascot-revival

    …or Coconuts into a pina-colada.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Which sounds like a really nice way to say “the last ones left holding the bag”

    Actually, it sounds like code for “We’re dancing as fast as we can away from music and toward videogames and other, more profitable shit.”

  3. Hmm-No

    Trans World is the worst. They charge independent labels $2 per CD to bring a release into their stores, then return most of the stock and pocket the money. Labels go along with the scam because that’s the only way they can get their product into FYE stores.

  4. Maura Johnston

    @PopIsNotDead, @Cassifras: there is an fye four blocks away from me at my neighborhood’s mall equivalent (come for bath and body works, stay for the many dunkin donuts outlets), although there isn’t one at the actual mall in the town where i grew up. hmmm!

  5. Adam Bernard

    Where I live I have an FYE at both the local mall and in a small strip mall. The one in the major mall has a HUGE comic book section to go with all the video games, but still has tweens scattered throughout the music section. I almost never see anyone in the FYE in the small strip mall, though the DVD section, especially the USED DVD section, is enormous.

  6. Juancho

    @Adam Bernard: There’s FYEs in malls in my area (Cleveland). They moved locations in the mall to a huge store here that had its own exterior entrance. They sold comic books, sheet music, and other manner of stuff, but it went away about 2 years after they opened. I believe they had problems with theft and stocking “adult” material (any comic, including manga, was polybagged with a “you must be 18″ warning sticker). They’ve since moved again to another, much smaller location in the same mall. The Suncoast that was in that mall closed up about a year ago, which is a shame. I bought a lot of good stuff there when I was a teenager.

    FYE may be the worst music store on planet earth.

  7. OingoBobo

    @dennisobell: …and the sound is coming from the yawning maw of entropy.
    I think this market-strategy is one reason the used record / cassette store is doing so nicely in my small town. Strange.

  8. MENDOZA!!!!!

    hold on a minute. people are still going to malls? is Clinton still president?

  9. PopIsNotDead

    I honestly can’t believe that anyone still buys their music at the mall- hasn’t FYE’s target market (tweens) been completely engulfed by iTunes?

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