Aug 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

kellllllly.jpgKelly Clarkson’s new-look tour, so far: One night at a casino, two nights at New York City’s decidedly-not-arena-sized Beacon Theatre. Jordin Sparks take heed: The long road back into Clive Davis’ good graces is pockmarked with “manageable”-sized venues. []


  1. spinachdip

    Too bad it’s not the Mercury Lounge or Union Hall or some shit. That would’ve absolutely blow’d up the hipster ironic-o-meter.

  2. telophaser

    Same night as Bad Religion at Nokia Theater. Tough call.

  3. Rob Murphy

    Okay, so why was this post updated with the Jordin Sparks dig struck out???

  4. Maura Johnston

    @DHMBIB: Because she’s not on J.

  5. Rob Murphy

    Oh, if you think a little thing not being on his label can get in the way of Clive Davis’s desire to kill your career through innuendo and insulting comments in the media, well, you just don’t know Clive!!!

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