Which Hip-Hop Star Is Breaking Multiple Commandments?

Aug 24th, 2007 // Comment

tupacmama.jpgIf there’s one attribute amongst rappers that’s wholly overrated it’s “realness”; at this point I’m really not going to be impressed if I find out that Yung Joc actually sold angel dust out of an ice cream van he painted black, clipping old ladies from the back window with poison darts as he drove by them. So when the New York Post asks “What rapper – and it’s not Diddy – has exaggerated his hardscrabble childhood to help build his reputation?” my first instinct is to say “most of them.” But no, there’s one specifically this gossip page blind item has in mind, thanks to the mention that “his mom wasn’t as bad as he rhymes.” Wait, don’t most rappers love their mamas in an overly maudlin fashion? Who could this be? Surely the identity of this fibbing mother-hater can only be solved by a patented Idolator TGIF/eight-hours-to-the-weekend poll:

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Just Asking [New York Post]

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