Kelly Rowland Is Wishful Thinking

Aug 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

75017389.jpgKelly Rowland recently sat down and had a frank discussion about the theme of her new album (“I feel like everybody has some sort of element of ghetto in them”) and Snoop’s involvement (“He [just] put his Snoop-a-fied player-isms on the track”) with MTV. (“Snoop-a-fied player-isms”? Kelly if the whole singing thing doesn’t work out, you might have a future as a rock critic.) She also says that there maybe, could be, might be, hopefully be a Destiny’s Child reunion sometime in the future. I was gonna say she sounds a little bit like Stewart Copeland in the ’80s, but who knew how that would turn out? I guess dreams really can come true in this crazy world.

Kelly Rowland Talks Possible Destiny’s Child Reunion [MTV]

  1. Juancho

    Is it me, or is Michelle Williams the sole truly classy member of Destiny’s Child? Sure, she made her money with the group. But now, she’s really done her own thing, singing gospel and now on Broadway.

  2. Rilo-Andy

    @Juancho: Gonna have to agree with you there Juan. I always thought of Kelly as the little Child who could. You just want to keep rooting for the girl to succeed…

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