Aug 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

amywinehouseeeeeee.jpg “The witness said: ‘When the car got to Charing Cross Amy ran to a newsagents for cigarettes. You could see she’d been in a fight. Her clothes were bloody and she was covered in scratches and bandages.’ ” [The Sun]

  1. Bigggnasty

    “a hundred dollars used to be more than enough
    and now a hundred times a day and still it’s not enough people always tell me you get what you deserve all I know is all and all is all I’ve heard.

    I heard you say: “you know I hate myself
    but I love everybody else”
    and did you say: “I can’t escape myself”
    and then you did and now there’s no one else…”

    her shoes are bloody because she shoots between her toes.

  2. zibby

    Yup, she needs to switch to some Timberlands.

  3. Serolf Divad

    Wow, American celebrity wasteoids are friggin’ pussies compared to these two.

  4. Royfromage

    Hey maybe her shoes are bloody because she’s been, like, BALLET DANCING. Sheesh. You barracudas always assume the worst.

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