Ted Nugent May Be Called On To Define The Meaning Of The Words “Suck On”

Aug 24th, 2007 // 29 Comments

We all know that The Nuge is a classy guy, but this clip from a recent show–in which he invites “piece of shit” Barack Obama to suck on the machine gun he’s waving around in the air, and “worthless bitch” Hillary Clinton to “ride” the same–may vault his level of sensitivity to heretofore unseen heights. Or it may just inspire a visit to him from a couple of Secret Service agents, since both presidential candidates have early protection from the agency. How emasculating it’ll be for him to claim that the guns weren’t loaded!

Ted Nugent Goes Off On Obama And Hillary! [LiveLeak; hat tip axel_f]


  1. Serolf Divad

    Remind me again why the Dixie Chicks were banned from Country radio?

  2. Dickdogfood

    Although I myself am not a parent, I’m sure this isn’t anything that a Capri Sun Variety Pack and some Dora the Explorer DVDs can’t fix.

  3. Truculent

    If the S.S. descends on some GOP frat boys using Bill Clinton’s face at a shotgun target, they will DEFINITELY be visiting the Nuge. I worked around those guys for a dozen years and they have no sense of humor about anything at all.

  4. brainchild

    i love how near the end of that MSNBC article they not-so-subtly imply that Obama’s secret service protection is because he’s black by mentioning how Jesse Jackson also had secret service protection during his campaigns for office.

  5. Electoral College Dropout

    You stay classy “Cat Scratch Fever” boy.

  6. Cam/ron

    If the gun=genital comphensation theory is true, then the Nuge sadly has a millimeter-long penis.

  7. Felonious Monk

    This is what happens when you overdose on that Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.

  8. BaconCat

    Do you thinks he taunts deer before or after he’s killed them?

    And the Nuge is sooooooo uppper peninsula.

  9. Lucas Jensen

    @David Flores: Well, to be fair, they have a musical career to be banned.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh now I understand what all that “they hate us for our freedom” rhetoric was about. This is freedom. Wow.

    (Responsibility to anyone else not inferred. Thus owner of the weapon(s) determines freedom. If he points at you he has freedom. Others need not apply.) Somehow this definition of freedom is, one could say… hollow.

  11. pickletickle

    A lifetime of tinnitis can cause you to do all sorts of crazy things.
    Just look at Captain Kirk and his Priceline ads. Or Pete Townsend and
    his pedophiliac kiddy porn frenzy. Hell, you ring a bell in anyone’s
    ears for 30 years and they’ll end up in a water tower on some campus
    playing tag with a sniper rifle.

  12. Monsieur_Grumpé

    I had the awful experience of a Ted Nugent concert many years ago. I like it loud but not when my ears ring for 3 days after the so called show. His playing and singing sucked. One of his gimmicks at the time was to shatter a glass globe with guitar feedback. It turns out some guy was offstage with a BB gun. Fuckin twit.

  13. Dr. Spaceman, Esq.

    Poor Nuge, “Pay attention to me! Pay attention!!!” Sucks when you have no career.

  14. njdon

    i am wonderin’ about the circumstances of his first wife’s auto death. suckin’ on somethin’?

  15. Cam/ron

    That reminds me, when was the last time Ted had a hit record? Wasn’t it when he played in the Damn Yankees 17 years ago?

  16. unperson

    Man, I’m so tired of defending this guy…and I’m not going to. Yes, he can play guitar. Yes, I like his new album. Yes, when you get him talking about music he’s a hell of a fun interview. But goddamnit, I wish he’d shut the fuck up between songs.

  17. Serolf Divad

    @Dr. Spaceman:
    Yeah, these days Ten Nugent is to rock ‘n roll what Dennis Miller is to comedy. Guys who had careers once, ran out of ideas and refashioned themselves as conservative entertainers to continue performing in a venue where the standards are a whole lot lower.

  18. Mick Kraut


    Good lord I feel really old…that 2nd Damn Yankees record wasnt too bad, but it came out in the height of “grunge” leaving Ted nothing but appearances at county fairs, archery expositions…

    Jack Blades is so desperate for cash that he got Night Ranger back together for another record…

    Tommy Shaw was unavailable for comment…

  19. Mr. Kim Gordons Panties

    He’s right. There’s only one freedom that matters, and that’s the freedom to have a gun and tell libruls to suck on it. The other freedoms, like speech and assembly, don’t matter a bit. I’m kinda feeling sorry for The Nuge cause it must suck to be a one-note musician.

  20. FreshCliches

    How soon before this loser headlines with Yakoff Smirnoff (“In Soviet Russia, guns shoot YOU”) in Branson?

  21. King of Pants

    @unperson: So he’s the Curt Schilling of rock?

  22. Anonymous

    @David Flores: Couldn’t one say the same of all the neocon wee-endowed weenie-heads?

  23. Mardam

    That’s right kimgodonspanties. The only right a gun owner in this country will pick up his gun to defend is his right to pick up a gun. All else matters not.

  24. unperson

    >Jack Blades is so desperate for cash that he got Night Ranger back together for another record…

    Jack Blades plays bass on the new Nugent album.

    >So he’s the Curt Schilling of rock?

    I had to Google Curt Schilling, but from what I read, he’s a model of civility next to Nugent. I would say Nugent is the Marge Schott of rock.

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  26. okiedoke

    Arthur Bremer.

  27. rich36

    This is hardly new for him. I saw him 10 years ago opening for KISS and he was saying the same crap about Clinton and Janet Reno. He was given them shoutouts during a song of his called (I believe) Kiss My Ass.

  28. Qritiq

    Hmmm, he must be a Kucinich supporter

  29. mhulot

    Hrm. I somehow doubt he actually said those things to Obama and Hillary.

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