Missy Elliot Replaces Giant Trash Bag With Giant Doritos Bag

Aug 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

missydoritos.jpgAn upcoming Doritos ad features Missy Elliot having a chocolate-into-peanut butter moment where she realizes that (omg!) that song she’s working on could be just like Doritos’ new line of two-flavors-in-one-bag chips. But the promotion isn’t just about one of our greatest pop stars shilling for delicious snack treats, sez Violator Management’s Mona Scott. It’s also about fans getting to interact with Missy via a tie-in Web site, helping her to “complete” the song:

Wilson calls the online experience “a bold, intensive experience for our consumers.” Visitors logging on to snackstrongproductions.com will be encouraged to create their own mash-ups (or “collisions”), using Elliott’s track as the foundation. Completed mixes can be posted and shared in a “gallery” on the site. Five winners — with prizes still to be determined — will be selected.

Elliott fans visiting the site can also “interact” with the artist, Wilson says. “If you press the ‘help’ button, Missy will give you a few tips and pointers.” The online platform will also contain exclusive footage of Elliott.

The song will be a Kayslay-style exclusive to Doritos and will not be available on Missy’s upcoming album, The Countdown. In other news, I’m vaguely disturbed/saddened by the fact that I first heard about an upcoming Missy Elliot album through a Doritos promotion. Also, mixing two different kinds of chips into the same bag is friggin’ gross–take it from someone whose mom used to mix all the leftover chips and pretzels into one bag like some kind of deranged snack mix. Caramel popcorn and cheese curls?

Exclusive: Missy Elliot, Doritos Team For Multi-Platform Campaign [Billboard]


  1. misskarina

    And also, is Missy even allowed to eat Doritos anymore? Or did she get fat again when I wasn’t paying attention?

  2. OingoBobo

    This multi-platform whoring is quite in line with Dorito’s “Design-a-Game” contest:
    Partially hydrogenated hip hop. Just as artificial, and worse for the colon.

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