Holy Crap: The Compleat Works Of Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley Volumes One Through Five

Aug 24th, 2007 // 1 Comment

nothingshsocking.jpgSpeaking of Missy Elliot: For like a year now I had been working on putting together a “complete” collection of Timbaland productions on CD-R, and due to various contributing factors (work, laziness, sleeping, drinking, laziness), I had yet to make it past the middle of 1998. Then Maura instant messages me this link to some guy hosting five discs worth of Tim beats and pieces. Do I now need to now abandon my own Quixotic project? Well, yes and no.

Yeah I got my gripes with the choices here. (No Playa? No Total?? “Pony” as the only Ginuwine song? Nothing off Deliverance? But yet there’s room for a Floetry remix and non-entities like Trey Songz? Maybe I have more gripes with this selection than I thought.) Still, this is five volumes of Timbaland beats for free, and if you can really look that kind of gift horse in the mouth, well then you’re Scrooge-ier than I am.

A Brief History Of Timbaland Beats [The Fly Life Via Oh Word]


  1. Jay

    I read about this on one of the Voice blogs this morning, and I only hope I can get home to download the thing before Tim’s cease and desist letter hits.

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