The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Is Watching Over All Of Us

Aug 24th, 2007 // 3 Comments


Sure, it’s not out-and-out offensive like the Ted Nugent “women: they’re what’s for dinner” cover we posted yesterday, but anyone else get the feeling that whoever was given the task of designing Keyshia Cole’s album cover was just getting a handle on Photoshop? The background uses lens flare, for crying out loud. Although if the blocks that are overlaid on top of her eyes are actually part of a crossword puzzle that has clues inside the booklet, I hereby rescind this entry from our ever-mushrooming competition.

Keyshia Cole Album Cover [The Fury]


  1. Al Shipley

    OK, if you do a poll at the end of the year w/ all the worst album cover candidates, this is probably getting my vote.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    @GovernmentNames: Really? You saw the Nuge, right?

  3. rad_matter

    I saw this on TRL (not like I normally watch that show anymore). I was amazed that I didn’t vomit when I saw the cover.

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