Hannah Montana May Not Be As Innocent As She Seems

Aug 24th, 2007 // 6 Comments

hannah.jpgWriter-producer Morris Taylor “Buddy” Sheffield (now that’s a name worthy of a brief role as a shifty bookie on Law and Order) sez that Disney stole the highly lucrative teen-switcheroo idea of Hannah Montana from a series he had pitched them featuring a teenage boy who becomes rock star named “Rock Ryder.” While it is pretty damn suspicious that Disney would develop a show with an idea so close to Sheffield’s, you do have to wonder why it took them five years to rip him off, and you have to wonder how original the idea of a kid leading a normal life who secretly transforms into an awesome pop star really is. (Or, as Maura pointed out, “Someone alert the creators of Jem.”)

Disney is mum on the subject and Sheffield claims he’s owed some of those Montana millions. I know they’re picking out my timeshare in hell for this. but I can’t be the only one who think that “Hannah Montana” and “Rock Ryder” sound like cast members from The Witches Of Breastwick 4 or some other Cinemax classic. Right?

Lawsuit Claims Hannah Montana Idea Stolen [Reuters]


  1. Rob Murphy

    I’ve actually seen Hannah Montana, and I can tell you that it’s actually a fun family comedy.

    Anyway, this post prompted me to surf on over to Wikipedia to do a little research — it’s a slow, summer Friday, kids — where I found a factoid that might even interest our dear Idolators. The HM series theme song (“The Best Of Both Worlds”) was written by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil. Gerrard is a Canadian music producer who co-wrote [among other things] Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Breakaway” with Avril Lavigne. Nevil is that dude who had a hit back in 1986 with that song “C’est La Vie” that is now stuck in my head.

    The Internet! Is there anything it can’t do?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @DHMBIB: “C’est La Vie” is a great song! Possibly pertinent factoid: When I was in middle school, I went to “yearbook camp” and there were a ton of yearbooks that listed the “song of the year” as “Say La Vee.”

  3. Jess Harvell

    oh, i’ve watched enough hannah montana to know it’s a fun family comedy. i’ve probably watched enough hannah montana to end up on a watchlist somewhere.

  4. the rich girls are weeping

    jessdolator: I think writing a post about Hannah Montana that has the phrase “Rock Ryder” in it will totes bump you to the TOP of that watchlist.@

  5. spinachdip

    @therichgirlsareweeping: Not to mention a post title that at first glance (and second and third) suggests teh sxe, drugs or something else unDisnified.

  6. The Illiterate

    Gerrard and Nevil also wrote “What Time Is It?” for High School Musical 2 (which sounds a lot like “C’est La Vie”), and a batch of the other soundtrack songs. There isn’t anything Disney they can’t do, apparently.

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