This Year’s Video Music Awards Will Be Even More Nonsensical Than Usual

Aug 24th, 2007 // 10 Comments

vmas.jpgSome crucial news about MTV’s upcoming Video Music Awards–which you all had better be clearing your “refreshing your browser incessantly” schedule for right now, because Jess and I are trying to figure out how to liveblog it in tandem–comes from Entertainment Weekly:

The Sept. 9 telecast will film at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas (site of both the infamously raunchy Real World season and the recent cast reunion) with Timbaland as its so-called music ”maestro.” (A source close to the network confirms that Britney Spears plans to make an appearance.) And after years of endlessly repeating the ceremony — and likely diluting its viewership — the show will air just once. The traditional auditorium setup has also been scrapped. Performances and award handouts will now be captured by cameras located throughout the Palms. Executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic says the overhaul allows artists to ‘do things that they wouldn’t do on any other show.’ Well, he is copying one show: The booze will flow as freely as at the Golden Globes.

Because nothing says “once-in-a-lifetime TV” like “watching your favorite stars get smashed outta their gourds while your ass is on your couch drinking crappy beer,” right? Here’s hoping that whoever gets hired to work the dump button is getting, like, triple-time, because whoever it is, they’ll be going absolutely bonkers by about 30 minutes in.

MTV Faces the Music [EW]

  1. Maura Johnston

    i forgot to give this the ‘bad, bad, bad–no, really bad ideas’ tag.

  2. Jess Harvell

    i’m thinking we should just alternate who’s holding the laptop and who’s holding the whisky bottle

  3. Kate Richardson

    And who’s holding the gun to their head.

  4. OingoBobo

    What’s the over/under on someone getting “saved” from “doing drugs” and “cutting {one}self”?
    Will there be any Canadian Police Provocateurs there?

  5. Maura Johnston

    @kaate: I think that’ll be your job. Note: I may also need to be fanned at certain moments.

  6. MJ

    @TheMojoPin: For me, it’s the nostalgia. When I was a pop culture-starved teenager of the 90s with a penchant for shiny evening dresses, I used to try to watch the whole thing (against my mum’s whishes), and repeats the next Saturday if need be.

  7. TheMojoPin

    It’s cliche, but there really was a “who gives a fuck? Let’s just screw around” sense of fun with both shows for years. As soon as they started taking themselves seriously and people actually felt like they needed to win, blech.

    I want Nathanial Hornblower and Fartman bumrushing the show again!

  8. Dickdogfood

    Pfft. “The show will air just once” angle sounds like a ploy to passively encourage clip circulation throughout YouTube.

  9. TheMojoPin

    As much as there is to complain about MTV, it’s the complete and utter collpase of the video and movie awards shows that depress me the most, and I’m not even sure why.

  10. MJ

    @TheMojoPin: Yeah, back then it probably was, “let’s put this shit together and see who comes, gets drunk or grabs somebody’s ass”.

    Now you have your pop culture shocking meta-happenings like Madonna giving Britney and Cristina a kiss while singing the first hit she sang at the VMAs, and the camera pulling away to look at Justin Timberlake’s face like OMG!!!! WHAT DOES HE THINK OF THIS!!11!

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