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mya.jpgThe Mya record–last scheduled to come out Sept. 18–now has no release date, which means we can put it right next to Amerie’s Because I Love It on the shelf of “phantom albums by R & B singers who are certainly better than Ashanti.” [Vibe Confidential]


  1. Nunya B

    But they let Ms. Kelly come out. Why?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I highly recommend picking up the the new Billboard that hit NYC on Friday and will hit most newssstands Monday. The cover story, by Geoff Mayfield and Keith Caulfield, in collabo with the Times‘s Jeff Leeds, is a fascinating piece about artist development in the SoundScan era, and how it’s evolved since the ’90s and the erosion of the business. Tons of interesting data and some remarkably frank quotes (notable because people usually talk in platitudes in BB).

    Here’s one of the many revealing passages:

    While no genre is immune from the larger trends outlined in this piece, Billboard’s number-crunching revealed that the stakes are highest for new rap artists. “You hear people in meetings say, ‘If this rap record doesn’t come out high, we’re outta here. We might as well put a bullet in it and go on to the next record,’” URMG’s Monaco says. “There’s no belief that the records can move up later.”
    “I think a lot of the new hip-hop and R&B acts have been forced to, and designed to, come out of the gate competitive with everybody else,” Ellis says. “It’s not culturally the kind of genre where you can get in a van and drive around the country, the way a rock band can.”

  3. Adam Bernard

    Has anyone else noticed that unless a female artist is jailbait, or Beyonce, they seem to have a hard time getting their albums out (Fiona Apple, Amerie, Mya). Do you think this has something to do with how controlable a young artist is, or that the world is being run by people who are soon to appear on “To Catch A Predator?”

  4. Lucas Jensen

    @Adam Bernard: Nellie McKay, too. Women aren’t allowed to have any artistic control. I’d say the number of shelved records out there by female artists is much higher than men. That’s a totally unscientific statement, but you’re right…it seems like it’s mostly women this happens to. Patty Griffin and Aimee Mann had this happen, too.

  5. RageAgainstTheMachine

    isn’t that the same pose Rihanna uses on her new album?
    eh, why am i complaining…look at that ASS!

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