Looking Back On A Week That We Spent In A Happy Place


– We hit Disneyland … with the goths. – We wondered if the wedding DJ was still necessary. – We had a bit of an existential crisis, which made us a little less hospitable to the one currently being suffered by “indie.” (Whatever it means.) – We found Madonna and Britney in the land of “meh”–and then we discovered that Kanye West was getting all mixed up with Fall Out Boy. – We clarified Beth Ditto’s clarification. – We broke down Prince’s three greatest albums. – We posed the burning question: “Is a horse the new frisbee?” – We sucked on Ted Nugent’s ability to suck. – We stayed up all night listening to Air Supply. – And we sent our very brave intern into the fan-fiction bandslash bandom abyss–and she still wants to work for us, somehow. Talk about dodging a bullet!