Billy Corgan Tries To Pump Up His Crummy Record Sales With A Little Misogyny

75976806.jpgHis attempt at recapturing the zeitgeist has been met with a collective lack of attention from those people who still buy records, so what can Billy Corgan do to get his name back in the news? How about saying something “provocative” at the Reading Festival in the hopes that he’ll get some e-ink from NME and bloggers?

Midway through the set stage cameras panned the crowd, which included a scantily clad young woman, about whom Corgan commented “There’s something about a girl who’s willing to take her top off so quickly.”

“American girls are sluts too,” he added. “See – isn’t it great to be alternative – You can say all those things.”

Yes, that’s right: Billy Corgan is now channeling his inner Fred Durst in an attempt to be “alternative.” Or ironically “alternative.” Or maybe he’s just having a tantrum about the fact that the cameras weren’t on him, him, him. Actually, wait–that’s probably it, right? He’s just jealous because he doesn’t have boobs, the well-timed whipping-out of which could probably at least give him an extra 20,000 record sales. Oh, sexism, who knew that you’d be so unfair to aging male rockers who put out shitty “comeback” albums?

Billy Corgan: “American girls are sluts” [NME]

  • Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    God I hate this man.

  • Ned Raggett

    Pretending none of this reunion stuff has even happened is remarkably freeing, I’ve found.

  • mike a

    Coming soon: a remix of The Fall’s “The Classical,” the lyrics consisting entirely of “Where are the obligatory…”

  • Julio Allison

    Has there ever been a “reunion” in the history of rock n’ roll that hasn’t ultimately served, in varying degrees, to diminish the band’s legacy?

  • PengIn

    @KingHater: People seem to enjoy the Mission Of Burma reunion. I never thought much of them in the first place, so I can neither support nor reject that claim.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @PengIn: You beat me to it. I think the Slint reunions have been nice. The Olivia Tremor Control reunions were a blast.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @KingHater: Hall and Oates?

  • Antiheroine

    Ah, if only I still had my Zero t-shirt. I could burn it in protest.

  • Anonymous

    Get David Yow on the phone and start booking “Ironic Hate Fest 08!”

  • KurticusMaximus

    @KingHater: Steve Perry and Journey. Amazing.

  • Chris N.

    “He’s just jealous because he doesn’t have boobs, the well-timed whipping-out of which could probably at least give him an extra 20,000 record sales.”

    If that were true, wouldn’t Hole have sold more records?

  • The Notorious T

    Why is Billy dressed as the Hamburglar?

  • Chris Molanphy

    Swearing to myself in 1994 never to pay to see Billy Corgan again – after watching him berate the crowd at a Lollapalooza date for pretty much no reason – has served me well all these years.

  • highlifer

    The Gang of Four reunion was pretty awesome the first time I saw it at Coachella- everyone was ripping them off and all. The second time, still pretty cool. The third time, which I went to only because a friend hadn’t seen it yet, it began to feel like too much. It’s ok to reunite, but then slink back into the shadows.

  • okiedoke

    The Monks

  • SBJ

    Freaking choad.

  • unperson

    The Wire reunion wasn’t embarrassing at all. They were duller than dogshit live, but the two Read & Burn EPs and Send were all really good.

  • iantenna

    @Lucas Jensen: they never broke up. been ruling for 35 years and counting.

  • grez

    Oh, its so easy to bash Billy Corgan even though he and a few other bands in the early 90′s invented all the bands you like now. Corgan’s always been like this, whats new? I saw him in 99 and he opened up the show by saying: “I hate you all. Buy my new record.”

  • GibsonSG

    What’s worse, the aging Uncle Fester look-a-like making comments for publicity, or the website for wannabe angry lesbians who tells us about what he said? Bitch all you want, but if outlets like this would stop publicizing celebrity jackassery maybe the public would stop caring.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @iantenna: They broke up for a while in the 80s. Or maybe it was just a hiatus. And they still completely own. An amazing live band.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @highlifer: Oooh. I saw them once and was blown away.

  • Maura Johnston

    @GibsonSG: If there’s one way you can definitely describe Jess and me, it’s “angry lesbians.”

  • Jess Harvell

    @maura: I’m not angry at all!

  • nonce

    Has “choad” become the new “douche”? I never get these memos.

    Also, where can I get a t-shirt that rips the design of Corgan’s “Zero” shirt but reads “Angry Lesbian” instead?

  • Trackback

    As Axl reported this morning, As I Lay Dying’s latest release An Ocean Between Us was the big story in metal this week with an impressive debut.

  • JG2433


    this thing has been blown waaaayyy out of proportion. watch vid of what transpired.

    p.s. It’s easy to be a Pumpkins fan if you ignore what Billy Corgan says.

  • JG2433

    this thing has been blown way out of proportion. I was there, he was clearly joking.