Mims: “This Is Why I’m An Imbecile”

Aug 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

fyoupayme.jpgSomehow trumping T-Pain’s “I invented the funny computer voice” nonsense last week, probably because you get the feeling he’s actually being dead serious, one-hit-wonder-in-waiting Mims has actually claimed that Kanye jacked the helium-voice sample shtick from him:

“I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first,” he told Contact Music. Despite the fact that if not Kanye, Just Blaze and several other producers had already dropped the squeaky-voiced chorus trick in 2001 or before. Despite the fact that it wasn’t an original trick to begin with. The final seconds of this dude’s 15 minutes must be ticking hard. This is actually bugging me because I caught an interview clip with Mr. Mims over the weekend, and despite the hermetically sealed inanity of his (great) single, he actually struck me as a pretty astute, humble guy. Maybe I’m just a poor judge of character.

Mims: Kanye Stole My Sound [Contact Music via Rolling Stone]

  1. spinachdip

    Let’s not forget, the first Alvin and The Chipmunks album dropped in 1958.

  2. Ned Raggett

    So clearly Mims needs to do the theme song for the upcoming movie and close the cycle.

  3. natepatrin

    The RZA and Quasimoto were unavailable for comment.

  4. The Mozfather

    Uhm, weren’t we dissing Mims three posts back (Zac Efron and on and on)? I’m confused.

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    Yeah, well, Mims stole Fred Durst’s shtick of totally fucking sucking at rapping, so he should just let that one go.

    And, @natepatrin: so true.

  6. OingoBobo

    This does demonstrate that these Youngsters (!) have a sort of tunnel-vision in the musical cul-du-sac. Listening, Avril?
    It reminds me of cinema-philes who don’t watch black and white movies…

  7. Anonymous

    being an elitist about top 40 music in 2007 is like being elitist about getting lethal injection over the chair….

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