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Aug 27th, 2007 // 12 Comments

The above clip of New Order live on the BBC doing “Age Of Consent” may be my most favoritest thing on the Internet; I found it several months ago, when it was posted to the blog for the 33 1/3 book series. (The “Temptation” clip from the same session might be even better.) The performance is amazing, as are the sartorial choices, but what really made this heretofore unseen clip of my favorite band hit so hard was that it would probably be languishing on some VHS tape in an English basement, forever far from my eyes, without these kind of random, easy-to-take-for-granted internet connections. So in honor of this grindingly slow news day, please enjoy this grab bag of random YouTubery, most of which was found simply by plugging band names into the site’s search box. Who knows what we’ll find inside. New Kids On The Block demo reels? Live performances from Dogstar? Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks sex tape? A buncha stuff all you hip Internet cats have already seen on a buncha cooler blogs? Only one way to find out:

This maniac has posted the entirety of the Pet Shop Boys’ performance of their new score to The Battleship Potemkin. My film school experience would have been markedly improved by more Neil Tennant.

bookdemon has a handful of hypnotically odd Sun City Girls performances and clips. R.I.P. Charlie Gocher.

Chicago together with Rev. Al Green performing “Tied Of Being Alone.” I…I don’t know how to feel about this one.

Flipper doing “Way Of The World.” Heroes to secretly optimistic drunken nihilists everywhere.

A cartoon Tom Waits performance in that ’70s animation style that makes me vaguely uncomfortable for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint ala Heavy Metal or Bakshi’s Lord Of The Rings. (It feels…sleazy. Or at least some kinda perverse.)

Roxy Music tearing through “Virginia Plain” on Top Of The Pops. Dig Eno’s sparkly Michael Jackson handwear and the stodgy announcer’s dig on their duds at the end.

Miles and Trane trade off on “So What” in 1958. Just ’cause.


  1. The Mozfather

    Although New Order are the closest thing to saints in my book, I would one day like to wake up in a universe where Bernard Sumner could actually, you know, sing.

    I recently re-saw the video for “Perfect Kiss”, and it nicely complements the above live clip.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    @The Mozfather: God bless him, you know? I mean, the man goes for it every time. And those lyrics! Yeesh. But I love them with every fiber of my being. Talk about more than the sum of their parts!

    Is this from that BBC live album?

    And a Buckingham/Nicks sex tape from the B/H days would probably be pretty hot, no? LB’s performance of Trouble on SNL is a YouTube favorite for me.

  3. KevinChurch

    Jess. Marry me. Thx. New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Trane, and Tom Waits in the same post? My heart, it beats for you.

    (I really, really hope Pet Shop Boys get around to doing that DVD release for Potemkin. It’s a great score and a brilliant film.)

  4. brooks

    You know, that 70′s style of animation makes me uncomfortable too… and I thought I was the only one!

  5. TheMojoPin

    Bernard…Jesus…put on some damn pants.

    Everyone who plays a bass or guitar needs to study films of Peter Hook and how low he fucking slings that thing. What a champ.

  6. TheMojoPin

    Oh, fuck me, I never thought that old Bakshi style of animation could get any more nightmarish until seeing it applied to the gyrations and twitches of one Mr. Tom Waits. Thanks for making me sleep with the light on tonight.

  7. TheMojoPin

    Sorry for the posting rampage…what was the deal with that style of animation? Were they basically just painting over live action film?

  8. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Thanks for the Sun City Girls clip.

  9. desafinado

    the new order clip is amazing.

  10. the earl grey

    I was at hurrah in 1981 when NO was a 3 piece. Id like to see a vid of that gig [and taras shevchenko is hardly it, it stinks]

    NO could be dodgy live but also great live. saw them paradise garage on PCL. felt forum on lowlife. [met them at palladium at afterparty].
    felt forum again for brotherhood. the roxy 86 when they played love will tear us apart & atmosphere.
    both shows with echo & bunnymen on the pier.
    yeah i saw them a lot. and 89 & 93 tours were horrid at meadowlands

  11. natepatrin

    @brooks: It’s that damned rotoscoping — before CGI, the closest cel animation came to the uncanny valley. The fact that it’s late ’70s Tom Waits being rotoscoped probably doesn’t help much.

  12. goldsoundz

    @The Mozfather:

    I’ll settle for a world where I hadn’t seen him in tiny white shorts.

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