In Brief: Potentially (Really) Wonky Collaboration Ideas

Aug 28th, 2007 // 9 Comments

72012931.jpgThe Black Keys, the blues-rock/country-punk/hyphenated-something duo from Ohio, have agreed to let Danger Mouse ride the faders on their 2008 album. Well, he may have finally found a group (other than Sparklehorse) whose fidelity choices might fit the muted sketches and scribbles that he’s now a beloved pop phenomenon for, but I bet the drums still sound like damp feathers slapping together. Meanwhile, the Killers were conveniently in the studio with Lou Reed at precisely the moment MTV came calling for an interview. Perhaps this means Lou will now grow a weasely little moustache and/or develop a penchant for ugly cowboy togs and Brandon will take up tai chi and/or develop a penchant for heroin? Both of ‘em already have a history of combative, incomprehensible interviews, at least.

Danger Mouse Joins Forces With Black Keys [NME]
Killers Talk About Two New LPs, Duet With Loud Reed [MTV]


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