Amy Winehouse’s Father-In-Law Prepares For Cease And Desist Letters From Universal Music Group

Aug 28th, 2007 // 11 Comments

The father of Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil has made a plea to the troubled singer’s fans, urging them to not buy her records until she kicks her assorted habits; no doubt Winehouse’s record company is thrilled by this call to inaction, not to mention the elder Fielder-Civil’s request in to the Mercury Music Prize honchos in which he asked them to take her out of the running for the award–which will be given out next week–as a punitive gesture. (Anyone ask him about how he feels about U.S. stores selling the import version of Frank ahead of schedule?)

For their part, Amy’s parents are saying that maybe the Fielder-Civils should stop taking their daughter to the pub when they’re trying to throw her an intervention. A point well taken, although you do have to wonder just who is paying the check during those outings. Perhaps Mr. Fielder-Civil also wants to be free of those family obligations?

Boycott ‘drug addict’ Amy Winehouse’s albums say in-laws [NME]
Amy Winehouse’s dad responds to in-laws boycott calls [NME]

  1. King of Pants

    This Amy Winehouse, she’s a singer of some sort?

  2. loudersoft

    yeah, let’s boycott her records so she can become indigent and unable to have the resources needed to give her a chance to get better. pretzels, anyone?

  3. Ned Raggett

    Like she would be getting anything from the records anyway. If he’d said “Boycott the tour…”

  4. loudersoft

    @Ned Raggett:
    ding ding ding

  5. natepatrin

    Four comments and no “as if I was buying her records in the first place, haha I have totally zinged a junkie”?

  6. MameDennis

    Never fear, there’s plenty of that highly original and scathing wit over on the Gawker thread…

  7. Chris Molanphy

    Dammit – we’re going to have to start an Idolator/Raferty-style ban on Winehouse news a la Pete Doherty soon, aren’t we?

    And I really, really loved the record, too…

  8. Hyman Decent

    @loudersoft: Clearly, she’s one of those addicts who has to hit rock bottom before rehab will be successful. I believe most of the money she gets nowadays is very likely being spent to feed her addictions. And I like to think that once she does hit rock bottom, financially and otherwise, her family will pick up the tab for rehab.

    @Ned Raggett: Well, the way she’s going, she may never tour again. Besides, a plummet in album sales could send her a message if not affect her bank account.

  9. loudersoft

    @Hyman Decent: I would find it speculative at best to assume that she is making any overwhelming or considerable money off of her record sales, I could be wrong. I don’t think I’m doing her wonderful record or her career any justice by suggesting that people not buy her records because of her personal crises, even if she’s making those problems public. She has to hit her own bottom, wherever and however it happens.

    Regardless of the crystalline irony of the situation, it’s not as if she purports to be a role model for young women or anything like that. See, then I might be tempted to boycott her.

  10. Rob Murphy


    “loved the record…”

    What kind of fuckery is this???

    Stopped loving it??? The best record of the year in any genre doesn’t stop being fantastic as a result of the demons — already well-known — of its creator becoming Page 6 fodder.

    This record is the living, breathing embodiment of “Stuck On Repeat”.

    I want Amy to get better too — for her own sake. But until I hear recorded proof that she’s lost “it”, I’ll keep buying.

    [no offense intended, of course -- my morning coffee hasn't fully kicked in yet]

  11. Chris Molanphy

    @DHMBIB: Oh, agreed on all counts, I’m just depressed that my love of the record will be clouded by all this extracurricular shit. And the fact that “Rehab” won’t be funny anymore.

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