Common And Lily Allen Have A Weird-Looking (Video) Baby

By: jharv / August 28, 2007

Well, some 20 hours after the video for Common and Lily Allen’s new single hit the Internet, no less than 900,000 copies have appeared on the various video sites, perhaps not so surprising for a guy who recently had a No. 1 album and a woman who might as well have in the perspective-skewed world of bloggery. Common sports a white penguin suit, there’s an astronaut, some aquamarine-tinted beer commercial hallways, Lily Allen recreates the climatic running-in-slo-mo scene from “Under The Bridge” (somehow having less pendulous chest wobble than A. Keidis) in the only green dress she seems to own, a woman becomes pregnant, there are masks of what look like Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons (??), etc. What does it all mean? That the jumbled, quasi-narrative pop video is not yet dead? That better Lily Allen than John Mayer? Nothing at all? Everything?

Video: Common Feat. Lily Allen, “Drivin Me Wild” [The Fader]