Common And Lily Allen Have A Weird-Looking (Video) Baby

Aug 28th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Well, some 20 hours after the video for Common and Lily Allen’s new single hit the Internet, no less than 900,000 copies have appeared on the various video sites, perhaps not so surprising for a guy who recently had a No. 1 album and a woman who might as well have in the perspective-skewed world of bloggery. Common sports a white penguin suit, there’s an astronaut, some aquamarine-tinted beer commercial hallways, Lily Allen recreates the climatic running-in-slo-mo scene from “Under The Bridge” (somehow having less pendulous chest wobble than A. Keidis) in the only green dress she seems to own, a woman becomes pregnant, there are masks of what look like Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons (??), etc. What does it all mean? That the jumbled, quasi-narrative pop video is not yet dead? That better Lily Allen than John Mayer? Nothing at all? Everything?

Video: Common Feat. Lily Allen, “Drivin Me Wild” [The Fader]

  1. desafinado

    the beat is awesome, you’ve got to give it that, at least.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Was that Jeremy Piven at about 1:05?

  3. iamlovebot

    Common’s “Robot is the Future” T-shirt is awesome. You have to give it that, at least.
    And yes, that beat is pretty hot. And am I crazy for thinking Lily Allen’s really hot at the end? No? Good.

  4. KurticusMaximus

    Yup, that’s definitely Jeremy Priven. Based on the lyrics, and assuming I heard them correctly, he’s playing “Mazzerati guy.”

    Also- preggers girl was in the video for that Pharrell song about the girls in his cell phone address book.

    Right. I’m a bit ashamed I know that.

  5. The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    I remember Piven stating that he really liked Common’s style, and then promptly hired the same stylist. So those two are good buds, right?

    Probably spend most of their time at the Gap.

  6. Dan Gibson

    @KurticusMaximus: The Common/Pharrell video girl is Lauren London, who also had a delightful star turn in ATL (totally underrated, btw).

  7. dutchtwista

    @The Bob Loblaw Law Blog:

    preggers girl = Lauren London aka Turtle’s GF on Entourage

    Common & Piven = ChiTown homies/mutual admiration society + co-stars in Smokin’ Aces

    Lily Allen = cutest pottymouthed munchkin ever

  8. dutchtwista

    not sure why NBA’er Baron Davis is there … oh yeah he’s Lauren London’s “walker” for red carpet events
    + Common’s a frustrated baller

  9. dutchtwista

    & Baron Davis = allegedly Lauren London’s BF, at least when he’s not allegedly banging Teri Hatcher

  10. DigitalLogic

    I would have enjoyed this video more had I realized before hand that “Common sports a white penguin suit” meant he would be wearing a Tux.

  11. Dan Gibson

    @dutchtwista: Who is this “Baron Davis” and where can I locate him in order to challenge him to a duel to protect Ms. London’s honor?

  12. Clevertrousers

    Clutch lyric: “On the treadmill like O.K. Go”

    I am sooo embarassed for Jeremy Piven with that sad whiteboy headnod. Ouch!

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