Beatles Not Coming Together With iTunes Just Yet

Aug 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments

According to Silicon Alley Insider, the debut of the Beatles’ catalog on iTunes–which has been rumored to be on the digital-music service for at least forever in Internet time–won’t be announced next week, but one important innovation for the iPhone user in your life will: The ability to custom-program ringtones from songs that have already been purchased on the iTunes Music Store at what seems to be no extra cost. (Unless they’re from Universal Music Group, of course; they’re too busy trying to colonize a voicemail system no one uses.)

Source: No Beatles On iTunes Next Week [Silicon Alley Insider]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    I theorized last night on a Mac forum that the tagline on Apple’s invitation, “The Beat Goes On,” could just as easily be a Madonna reference (cf. her new single) as a Beatles reference. (And if it’s the latter, it’s an obscure-ass reference — to the Fabs’ final press statement in 1970. Who remembers that shit but total fanatics?!)

  2. Captain Wrong

    Seriously, is the Beatles at iTMS really that big a deal or am I missing something? If the recordings magically vanished in every other format known to man, then yeah, I could see the interest. But is there really anyone who wants the Beatles on their iPod that is just waiting to buy them from iTMS?

    And “the Beat Goes On” can only mean one thing…the Sonny and Cher backcatalog! Yessss!!!

  3. Paperboy 2000

    Apparently there are huge numbers of Apple and Beatles fanatics…because I’ve seen that final press release thing quoted all over the place today.

    People are even saying that since the new Beastie Boys album cover is shown on the Apple special event invitations, but you can only see the “B-E-A” they are trying to reference the time the Beatles spray painted “T-L-E-S” on the back of a British Empire Airlines plane. That’s pretty out there.

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