Instant Hit, Just Add Water (And Placement On YouTube’s Homepage)

Aug 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The soft-rocking track above is “Those Rules You Made” by the pop-in-a-box outfit The Schema, whose m.o. is as follows: “The Schema challenge is to record, distribute and promote a single from my bedroom in a 30-day timeframe. The resulting yacht-rock spectacular is called Those Rules You Made, and is released under the name The Schema on 20th August, via iTunes and a load of other online stores.” The site has the full story, but the key stat is this: So far, the video–which made it to YouTube’s homepage last Thursday–has racked up more than 250,000 views. Scritti Politti keyboardist Rhodri Mardsen, who came up with the whole project, is checking on sales tomorrow, and he has probably the most realistic concept of YouTube “fame” that I’ve seen from anyone in the music business: He’s betting that the quarter of a million views will garner him at least, erm, 150 iTunes sales. At least he’s only out £567.65 on the project so far!

The Schema [; HT GC]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Blak Thor already did this. Except for, um, the promoting.

  2. nulldevice

    A local band here called “The Stint” did a similar thing – except they had the goal of putting on a full 12-song show at the end of it. Their EP was pretty good.


  3. nulldevice

    The Stint did this as well, except they wrote 12 songs.


  4. nulldevice

    (crap, sorry, I thought it fried my reply)

  5. afriedman

    this song is awesome. we can never have enough hall and oates.

  6. baconfat

    Whatever money these guys do see out of this endeavor, they need to immediately give it to John Lindaman.

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