MySpace Tour: Fewer Fights Than Ozzfest, More Bitchy Comments Left The Next Day

Aug 29th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Because this is the Internet, we are duty bound to report that your pals at MySpace are planning a crazy package tour where incredibly loud, obnoxious music will also blare at you uncontrollably, except this time in real life. (They should only sell tickets in blocks of eight.) It’s co-headlined by Hellogoodbye and Say Anything, the former of which is some emo thing and the latter of which I truly believe to be one of the most important pop-rock acts operating today. (Stop looking at me like that.) Meanwhile, according to the press release, Hellogoodbye’s lead singer is apparently angling for our jobs:

“Hellogoodbye are big fans of MySpace, and I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am a pretty good blogger,” said Forrest Kline, lead singer and guitarist of Hellogoodbye. “MySpace has allowed me to develop my blogging skills and I am thrilled to be on the first ever MySpace tour and further refine those skills by posting post-show blogs.”

If this guy was half the blogger he claims he is he’d be liveblogging his own sets. Piker. And yes, before you ask, we’re going to be covering this. And by “covering this,” I mean Maura is going to be interviewing fans in the parking lot while I do whatever (and I do mean whatever) it takes to get backstage. This also allows me to link to my new favorite blog, which I’ve had no real reason to do yet.

MySpace Organizng Fall Tour [Billboard]


  1. G3K

    Hellogoodbye is that rare band that my 16-year-old teeny-b/popper sister and I can both like without any shred of irony or shame. Sort of a baby blink-182 with synthesizers instead of fart jokes. Same potential to be a perfect pop-punk band, except they’re on Drive-Thru so they’ll never get the exposure they should.

  2. G3K

    Also, am I the only person who regularly confuses Against Me! with Say Anything? Both punk bands that get incredulously good reviews but are still kind of embarrassing to like?

  3. motoraway

    Say Anything are a guilty pleasure, that is for sure. Scrubs used one of their songs (Alive With The Glory Of Love”?!) on their season finale.

    Confusing Say Anything and Against Me!(Butch Vig has ruined this band….or they ruined themselves)? Perhaps if you’ve heard neither…

  4. bcapirigi

    Say Anything have one of the worst album cover concepts ever. A tree branch that’s supposed to look like a wang that ends up looking like some diseased hybrid of the two just kind of makes me kind of….I don’t know, nervous.

    That said, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard them. Their name always turned me off and reminds me of one of those people that, when you ask them what kind of music/movies/anything they like, say, “Oh, you know. I like stuff from the eighties.”

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