Aug 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

LA Weekly writer disses Deerhunter in print, Deerhunter main man Bradford Cox sends along defensive e-mail, fighting and LOLing and cut-and-pasting and a sorta-funny joke utilizing Linus from Peanuts ensue. This is one of those arguments where you don’t “take sides” as much as you “regret the invention of the Internet.” [The Passion Of The Weiss]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    I gotta say that Weiss comes off looking defensive. Brandon’s initial email was hilarious.

  2. drjimmy11

    this whole thing is pretty tame. I like the “Bill & ted” reference though.

    can this guy maybe take a hack at TV on the Radio next?

  3. goldsoundz

    My irritation with all things Deerhunter leaves me no choice but to take sides.

  4. Anonymous

    Bradford Cox stole my basketball.

  5. AL

    I haven’t read the exchange, but Bradford Cox is a genius. I won’t be convinced otherwise.

  6. Al Shipley

    I was more excited when I thought this was about someone taking Deerhoof down a peg, I haven’t heard this band at all. Pretty stupid on all sides, though.

  7. CloneOfAaron

    Weiss is a genius, man! Have you ever read Passion of the Weiss’s conversation between Young Jeezy and his therapist?

  8. parrotrunner

    Jeff Weiss seems like a douchey, humorless creep (writes for VVM, must go with the territory) and the Deerhunter guy seems pretty funny.

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