Attention Readers: We Are <em>Not</em> Ted Nugent

Aug 30th, 2007 // 20 Comments

nugeeeey.jpgFile this one under: “Shit we never, ever thought we’d ever have to say. Ever.” But we are not Ted Nugent. Really. Apparenly this week’s spate of Nugent-related coverage has made some people (or at least one person) confuse Idolator with the Nuge himself. Despite the fact that our coverage was overwhelmingly negative. Downright mocking, in fact. And, you know, the fact that we’re a music blog, not a crossbow-wielding, arch-conservative, classic-rocking maniac. One man’s emphatic (if totally misdirected) plea to tips@idolator is after the jump:

SUBJECT: Start protest !!!!!
Hey Ted,

Direct tv has dropped the Mens outdoor and recreation channel !!!! as of Aug 27 they no longer carry it is all they said at Direct TV, no explaination !!!!!

The sports man of america deserve to have a few channels dedicated to our sports, freekin football has 50 or more !!!

Please start a protest against Direct tv on your sites where sports man can sign a petetion to force them to bring it back.

If you go to the Direct TV web site they are real proud to announce a new Latino channel !!! They live in america let them learn english!!!!!!

Pass this on to all the sporting companies so they will pull support of Direct TV If we don’t make some noise about this Outdoor channel will be next.

I think its great that you are involved with Hunt Of A Lifetime !!!!!




Mr. [REDACTED] has since taken to forwarding us all sorts of gun-related emails. In our capacity as Ted Nugent. Probably forever. People! We’re not Ted Nugent!

  1. The Notorious T

    I thought Uncle Ted preferred a compound bow to a crossbow. More manly and what not.

  2. brainchild

    it’s no secret that 95% of the internet population are complete idiots.

  3. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    I would have thought it would tough to misinterpret “unrelenting dickery.” I stand corrected. I’m fairly sure if you taught those gosh darn DirectTV watching Latinos some English, they could tell him what it means.

  4. MameDennis

    Will Sports Man be on the next season of “Who Wants to be a Superhero”?

  5. Jerkwheat

    are you sure you’re not Ted Nugent?

  6. Lucas Jensen

    I used to work for a customer service company that subcontracted out to the NRA and these kind of wingnuts called us all the damned time. They always had “sensitive and urgent” information for Charlton Heston or Wayne Lapierre.

  7. Chris N.

    Nice try, Ted!

  8. Jon Can Dance

    I wish I had 50 freekin football channels, I only get the NFL Network.

    I guess I need to get DirecTV.

  9. Twilly

    Wow. I’m in shock. I assumed you were Ted, it’s the whole reason I’ve been reading this blog.

    Is it possible to remove my profile? I feel cheated and a little dirty.

  10. amandacobra

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this crestfallen. If you’re not Ted Nugent then who is…..But how…….What about “Free for All”…..

    Well, if you’re not Ted Nugent can you at least pass on a message for me:

    Stop. Please stop. Just because you can’t sell records any more does not mean you should turn to political assasinations. Just stay in Michagan and wait for the Michagan Miltia to rise up.

  11. Chris Molanphy

    The Nuge is Gonzo. Idolator is pretty gonzo. You do the math.

  12. hotshot

    … so you’re not going to play “Stranglehold?”

  13. chrisb

    One of my favorite things in the entire world is when retarded fans post messages to their idols on random blogs and internet forums.

    “OMG!!! Fergie, if you’re reading this, email me now! I luv u!”

    “Fergie, why haven’t you emailed me yet?”

  14. Dickdogfood

    I think I know what Jess and Maura are gonna dress up as this Halloween.

  15. Twilly



  16. heyzeus

    The first thing Ted would do is write a perplexed post denying he’s Ted. Nice try, Ted.

  17. iantenna

    this guy would get along swimmingly with john rocker.

  18. davidm

    I write for a blog, and mentioned Mike Rowe and his show, and I get dozens of people sending me show ideas for new episodes of Dirty Jobs.
    As well as the tons of “I can’t find your order page” and “Pls send me a catalog” comments.
    People really don’t read what they’re replying to. It’s clearly obvious that I’m not Mike Rowe, unless he has a habit of talking about himself in the 3rd person, and reviewing his own shows online.

  19. Anonymous

    Dear Readers –
    This is in fact, Ted…The Nuge…Terminal Gonzolitis Case #6969….

    As you all know, I’m a Freedom (note the CAPITAL F!) loving sort of guy. If you love guns like I do, I want all of you Great Gonzos out there to do me a favor.

    Swallow a box of your favorite ammo, and go ride a roller coaster in the name of Freedom and THe Nuge! The bigger the bang, the better!!

    Senator Ted

  20. Homage

    @hypnotyza: Mr. Nugent, I don’t believe for a moment you are the real Mr. Nugent, as your login sounds like something an Urban would write, and the actual Mr. Nugent is the world’s whitest person.

    Attempting to explain this to me would be like trying to explain an orgasm to a eunuch, so please don’t try.

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