“Gangsta Rap” Scare Stories Always Make Us Feel Like It’s Still 1991

Aug 30th, 2007 // 11 Comments

bodycount.jpgA Florida cop recently proved (once again) how silly law enforcement officials can sound when they start talking about popular entertainment, taking us back to the glory days of “Cop Killer” and putting his foot in his mouth after a rash of robberies turned him into an impromptu social critic:

On Monday, August 27, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said rap music was to blame. “Lyrics about running from the police, shooting cops — unacceptable and yet, very, very prevalent in today’s society– in fact fashionable in many circles,” Scott said. “[It's] almost a badge of honor to have been shot and it’s ridiculous.” As a result of Scott’s comments, hip-hop fans in Lee County have protested the insensitive remarks. “I just listen to the music and have fun, go to the club, dancing, like that,” a Lee County resident, Junior Longin, told NBC2. “I don’t think people listen to the music and then go shoot people.”

Also Marilyn Manson is responsible for bad grades, Mary Pickford is why your junior high student dresses like a whore, and Sid and Marty Kroft directly explain the epidemic of childhood obesity. But seriously, right on, Mr. Longin. No word if the robberies have been solved yet or if we’ve really become trapped in Mr. Peabody’s wayback machine.

Florida Sheriff Blames String Of Robberies On Gangsta Rap [XXL]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Ah, the early ’90s.

    Never mind that Body Count was a rock band fronted by a guy who happened to rap in his day job.

  2. Peacocktails

    So I guess you guys missed that Uncle Murder video the other day?

    “shoot the police in the mothafuckin’ heads and put yo dick in they daughter’s mouth.”

    Ice Cube is a puss.

  3. brainchild

    i just love how when someone says they were inspired by some piece of pop culture to do something positive, everyone is on that shiny happy people shit. but the minute someone even insinuates that anything in pop culture can inspire someone to do something negative, everyone cries foul.


  4. chrisb

    I sold my copy of Body Count on eBay a few years ago for twenty bucks.

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    Man, seeing that cover takes me back.

    @chrisb: Only $20? Did it have ‘Cop Killer’ on it? I have been led to believe that my copy was worth much more.

    Also, unfortunately, while I don’t see any one song or artist making someone go out and shoot people, or commit crime, when you have really stupid kids, and they listen to shitty rap that does brag about trapping, shooting, etc., they do start to think that that is just normal behavior. At least that has been my experience as a high school/middle school teacher.
    I don’t think, for the most part, music inspires the behavior this cop is talking about, but most people I know are smart enough to realize that the music is just entertainment, hence the reason I used to think ‘Cop Killer’ was a great song, but didn’t want to shoot cops– I was smart enough to think for myself.

  6. spinachdip

    @brainchild: Example? I mean, other than retards who credit that Five For Fighting song for, I don’t know, curing cancer or some shit.

  7. brainchild

    @spinachdip: wayyyyyyyy back in the day there was an article in my local paper about this girl who dropped out of high school. heard janet jackson’s “rhythm nation” album and claims it inspired her to go back to school…

    or you could even make a case for those who use certain songs to stay motivated while working out at the gym…

    or songs artists write and record to “bring awareness” to certain causes and hope that the people who hear the song/see the video are inspired to get involved.

    if people hope their work inspires positive reactions, why couldn’t it inspire negative reactions?

  8. chrisb

    @Aquemini: Yep, it had Cop Killer on it. I was a huge Ice-T fan from the first time I heard “Six in the morning, police at my door. Fresh Adidas squeak across the bathroom floor.” But I was underwhelmed by Body Count.

    Regardless, I saved the disc all these years thinking it was worth more too. There are tons of them on eBay, and $20 was the most they were going for. It may actually be valued more, but there don’t seem to be any buyers.

  9. spinachdip

    @brainchild: So your best example is a human interest story from a local paper. I’m assuming they couldn’t find any stories about octogenarian cafeteria waitresses or cute puppies that week.

    And that’s comparable to, say, Snoop on the cover of Time?

  10. brainchild

    @spinachdip: what about the other 2 scenarios?

  11. Captain Wrong

    The Body Count CD with Cop Killer on it was only ever valuable during that brief time after it was pulled. Since it was still on the European pressings, the door opened for the imports and now I think people realize the album just isn’t very good and no one cares.

    Hell, did anyone even buy a version without Cop Killer? I’d think that’d be more rare as CK seemed to be the only reason anyone ever gave a damn about Body Count.

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