MTV’s Reprogrammed “Remote Control”: Ken Ober, Where Are You Now?

Aug 30th, 2007 // 16 Comments

So as a friend pointed out to me recently, MTV has been launching a ton of blogs lately, and they range from the inane to the wrist-slittingly depressing. But then I found Remote Control, which I unearthed while researching, uh, Celebrity Rap Superstar (Sebastian Bach freestyles?!) and I just threw up my hands at the Internet. “Remote Control”–a show that was long associated with early MTV’s wink-and-nod attitude toward pop culture–is now the title for an MTV-bankrolled blog that actually contains the sentences “And as always, the SHIT HIT THE FAN!” and “I want more Trisha drama!!!” in a recap of Drunk People Fighting: Sydney? I weep for my copy of the home game, which sits moulding in a basement somewhere.

I know that Jess and I have been very crotchety “MTV get off the air” lately as a way to psych ourselves up for the VMAs (our minds work in curious ways), but come on–when you pit a breathless announcement of being on “Team Heidi” against “Dead Or Canadian,” there’s hardly any contest. Hell, even an extended clip of Colin Quinn hosting “Weekend Update” would be preferable–at least there’s an attempt at wit, instead of reheated spins on “reality”-show storylines that you can find at a billion other blogs, somewhere in there. OK, Quinn’s antics are a fumbling, ham-handed attempt at wit, but at this point I’m not going to be too picky.

MTV Remote Control Blog []
Hey Hey Hey … Goodbye [YouTube]

  1. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    When I was in junior high, I had a Remote Control t-shirt that I got a Sears/JCPenny/other-faceless-department-store. All the kids at school asked me if I got the shirt from being on the show. I said no. I did not yet know how to lie to seem cooler than I actually am.

    (Also, didn’t a teenage Adam Sandler get his start on the show? Is that how Quinn ended up on SNL?)

  2. Dan Gibson

    There’s always the Nintendo version to cheer you up: []

  3. Cam/ron

    I miss the phony wrestling matches between Quinn and a very young Dennis Leary – MTV assured viewers that they fought because they’re brothers and they’re Irish.

  4. chrisb

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: Yep, Adam Sandler’s big break was on Remote Control. Oddly, that question comes up every time I play trivia in a bar. Doesn’t matter which bar it is.

  5. Vince Neilstein

    If you guys are so anti-psyched for the VMAs, how come you keep posting about them?

  6. Maura Johnston

    @Vince Neilstein: I’m half-psyched, half-waiting for crushing disappointment, really.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @maura: You know, sort of like this Mets-Phillies series.

  8. the rich girls are weeping

    WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE GIRLS GONE PUNK BLOG? Wrist-slittingly depressing doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Also, love that the Style blog is apparently already dead. Neat!

  9. the rich girls are weeping

    @therichgirlsareweeping: However, I think I need the Electro-Lush Lipglass. (If for no other reason than to say, “I’m wearing MAC’s Electro-lush lipglass!”) Thanks, MTV Style Blog!

  10. Maura Johnston

    @maura: And see, not expecting a lot = you get to be pleasantly surprised by things like a five-run eighth!

  11. Maura Johnston

    @maura: And then you get to be saddened again by a home run by stupid Pat Burrell.

    OK sorry not to turn this into my liveblog of the Mets game. Slow news day.

  12. the rich girls are weeping

    You’ve hijacked your own comment thread, dude.

  13. Maura Johnston

    @therichgirlsareweeping: I know. And the Mets didn’t even win.

  14. the rich girls are weeping

    @maura: I’m sorry, that’s a bummer! BTW, can I just say that Mr. Met invokes the same kind of kawaii-esque response in me that say, a really good LOLCAT does?

  15. VanillaXtraDry

    how the F do i get to the main blog page so i can see a list of aaaaall the nifty (aka RETARDED) mtv blogs?

    what the fuck is up with the fake and bake tan and extra ten layers of makeup on those girlsgonepunk ladies? YIKES.

  16. Anonymous

    I was a contestsant on the show. The show I was on had the legendary comedian Henny Youngman as a guest star on it. Being on the show was very fun and cool. I answered a few questions, then I couldn’t hear the questions too well,because of all the background noise and I fell behind. I got hauled through the wall. I met Ken Ober, Colin Quinn, they were very nice and personable. For prizes I got the prized sneakers, some perfume and other goodies. It was an experience I will never forget. Spiritsprite

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