U.S. To Russia: Kill AllOfMP3 Or You’re Out Of Our Club

Aug 30th, 2007 // Comment

logo_general.gifThe U.S. was not pleased by AllOfMP3′s transmission from the great beyond this week, and it’s informed Russia that should the cheapo-MP3 site return to the Internet, it’ll likely doom Russia’s chances of being admitted to the World Trade Organization in 2007 (and maybe ever).

The problem, of course, is that a judge in Russia has declared that AllOfMP3 is a legit enterprise in that country because it pays royalties to a governing body responsible for distributing them to copyright holders; that body isn’t recognized by the RIAA, however, which is why they’re kicking up their heels.. As the CNet story points out, though, there’s one thing that’s for sure in all this: More people in the States probably know about AllOfMP3 than did a month or so ago, although whether “knowing” translates into “being willing to turn your dollars into rubles over a shady protocol” remains to be seen.

U.S. to Russia: Allofmp3.com closes door on your WTO chances [CNet]

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