Aug 31st, 2007 // 3 Comments

ArkivMusic’s pretty amazing business model: Repressing out-of-print classical CDs on-demand. (It currently has made about 3,700 titles available to consumers.) First person who figures out a way to (legally) do this with all those albums that came out during the mid-’90s major-label-alternative boomlet will be my person of the year. [ArkivMusic via Boston Globe]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Damn. I had this idea the other day!

  2. OingoBobo

    Re-pressing, and maybe they’d re-master? I love my NY Philharmonic LP version of Holst’s “Planets” whereas other -cheep- versions blow. Just no “emo” there.
    And can anyone tell me why I can’t get a WHOLE Wagner opera on one disc?
    Sorry. Team Curtis!

  3. chaircrusher

    Don’t think the indie-rock on-demand archive idea will be as workable.

    There are a gazillion classical records, mostly of public domain music, many that have gone into the public domain, predating (as they did) the ridiculous extensions of copyright. Most of the recordings still under copyright control were made with performers who were work-for-hire, and not due any mechanical royalties.

    Indie Rock from the 90s is still under copyright, and the performers are due mechanicals, and the publishing and ownership of the material is often a murky mess. For every defunct indie rock band from the 90s, somewhere there’s a bitter, alcoholic, bartending former bass player, who’d like nothing more than to piss all over your business model.

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