Yung Joc Promotes Clean Living (If You Discount All The Cocaine Talk)

By: jharv / September 5, 2007

A combination of a $100,00$3,000 bet among his associates, a new fat-free diet, and strenuous application of his patented motorcycle dance has allowed Yung Joc to shed 35 unsightly pounds. As revealed to those health nuts at King, Joc attributes the loss to radical changes in his exercise routine (he started) and eating habits (he stopped). Oh, and of course being paid a hundredfew grand to work out:

And now Yung Joc, real name Jasiel Robinson, is an advocate of the eat more to lose more weightloss plan: “The key is to keep your metabolism going.

“For breakfast (I had) oatmeal and juice. Around noon, grilled chicken breast and salad. The meal after, tuna that comes out of the water (not the can). Later, grilled chicken breast, broccoli and string bean

I can’t believe a guy who manged to get on that Forbes “highest paid hip-hopper” list by pretty much only rapping about cocaine and its distribution is managing to school me on taking care of myself. (Then again, my caloric intake today included one large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for breakfast, a handful of pretzels around noon, and an Oreo about five minutes ago.) Since the final moments of “Coffee Shop” proved Joc was so concerned with the wellbeing of our children, maybe he can join the goverment’s fight against childhood obesity for a PSA or two, putting a newly positive spin on hip-hop in the eyes of Congress. And then maybe he can come over and yell at my lazy ass to go jogging.

[EDIT: Eskay of Nah Right writes: Tell Jesse Joc only won like 3000 in that bet, I have the King right here on my desk. apparently the Post Chronicle took the liberty and added a couple of zeros. still not a bad haul for losing a few pounds. Tsk, tsk, Post Chronicle.]

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