A Best Buy mole reports: “According to the numbers obtained by HHNLive.com, Kanye West has sold 42,438 copies of his Graduation album as of 4pm EST. 50 Cent’s Curtis album has moved 32,640 copies as of 4pm EST. The numbers also show that due to its strong first day sales, there are over 10,000 copies of Graduation on order which is 2,000 more than are on order of 50′s Curtis.” [HHNLive]

  • Captain Wrong

    Will Curtis pull the “I had my fingers crossed” defense when his bluff is called?

  • VanTwee

    People were actually making trips to our record shop in the pouring rain to buy Kanye’s CD, just as a vote against 50. When we ran out of Kanye (!), he’d been outselling Curtis 2-to-1. This happened more than once:

    Customer: “You got the new Kanye?”
    Me: “Sorry, we just ran out.”
    Customer: “Damn! Well, you still got the new 50?”
    Me: “Yup, we got plenty.”
    Customer: “GOOD!” [Customer leaves cackling, emptyhanded.]

  • mackro

    Was 50 Cent’s proclamation for the total sales on 9/11 only? Was it for the week? Or longer?

    Kanye’s fans seem more like the type to go out of their way to buy his album the day of its release. 50 Cent fans will chime in with sales this weekend probably.

  • mackro

    Another thing: I’m curious to see the urban vs. suburban sale breakdown of both albums. I was talking to someone who works at a record store where the Kanye album was selling 10 to 1, and he said “oh yeah, 50′s going to do well in the suburbs over time.” I nodded in agreement, then took a second and realized something.. I never acknowledged the urban/suburban separation a factor regarding the sales of two competing hip-hop superstars before.

  • G3K

    Every target in town (Tempe, AZ) was sold out of Graduation by 8:30 last night. Had to drive to Mesa to get it, which sucks. (Mesa is like the Pittsburgh of Arizona.)

  • http://cazzienormi.sessoplus.net Cazzi Enormi

    Wonderful read, Was so bored, this article made my night! LOL at some of ya guys!