triple.jpg“Billboard has learned that today’s SoundScan Building Chart indicates first-day sales of 437,000 for West’s “Graduation,” 310,000 for 50 Cent’s “Curtis” and 107,000 for Chesney’s “Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates.” The Building Charts offer an indication of how races shape up each week for SoundScan’s final charts, which post projected national sales each Wednesday morning, extrapolated from a panel of merchants that represents more than 90% of the U.S. music market.” []

  • Christopher R. Weingarten

    Fox News called an election too, suckers.

  • Maura Johnston

    @WhineyPTW: I cut and paste, you shit all over me.

  • mackro

    This weekend will change all of that, probably.

  • mackro

    (the sales figures that is, not Fox, duh)

  • Chris Molanphy


    1. So much for our Chesney prediction. I don’t care how many middle-aged country fans stop by Wal-Mart next weekend, that’s a big gap to have to make up.

    2. That said, Chesney’s in better shape than Fitty, because at least he has fans that will show up on day five or six. Any fan rabid enough to want Curtis in week one will have bought it by day three, max. Same goes for Kanye, mostly, although he attracts a wider audience (read: mortgage-having 30somethings who buy one hip-hop record a year and go shopping on weekends) and he’s starting from a position of strength. So, yup, 50′s really screwed. In fact…

    3. I’m gonna go ahead and predict that Chesney will narrow or maybe even eliminate the gap with 50 by next week and vie for #2 behind Kanye.

    One more data point that suggests Curtis is approaching its sales ceiling for the week, from this earlier Billboard story: “[W]hen asked why there was such a light turnout for the two biggest urban music stars, the [owner of a small urban/black music store] admitted selling 144 copies of “Curtis” and 91 copies of “Graduation” over the weekend. ‘Of course, you realize Sept. 11 wasn’t the release date in my store,’ he said.”

  • extracrispy

    I suspect Kanye fans are day-of-release buyers. Whereas Fiddy and Chesney fans are more like weekend buyer types. Granted, I have nothing to base this on other than blatant generalizations.

    I’m also still betting on Zac Efron to leak a dick shot any moment now, sending the gays into a collective tizzie and flocking to record stores to purchase the HSM2 soundtrack this week. So whatta I know.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Sorry, forgot to post the link to the earlier Billboard story…the one Maura links to is more up-to-date, so take this with a grain of salt, but it does include a prediction for the full week that has Chesney neck-and-neck with Fitty.


  • Bazooka Tooth

    I am still dismayed that several hundred thousand people think 50 is good music.