Hannah Montana Ticket Prices: A Great Reason To Never Have Children


If you scoffed at the thought of dropping $15k to net five concerts for that silly Social@Ross yuppie clusterfuck back in July, you will be delighted to learn what grownups-who-should-really-know-better are apparently willing to spend on their spoiled little dullards for one sold-out Hannah Montana show in Florida:

Now desperate parents are at the mercy of brokers, who are already advertising on their websites that they’ve got the goods. The going rate on Saturday afternoon, according to several websites ranged from $65 to $3,700. The face value of the tickets ranges from $26 to $66.

For $15,860, Gotickets.com is offering a luxury suite that seats 20 people.

And the ’08 presidental candidates are trying to argue that the middle class is suffering. You know, $15k seems exorbitant on first glance, but if 20 of us can scrape together like a grand, we could actually make this happen. Let’s really celebrate Idolator’s first birthday–by trashing a luxury suite at a Hannah Montana concert.

Hannah Montana Sells Out–Fast [Miami Herald via ONTD]