The Return Of VH1′s <i>Pop Up Video</i> Is A Big Tease

Sep 17th, 2007 // 4 Comments

The “celebreality” reign of terror may have yet to ebb, but VH1 is finally (kinda) getting back to doing what it always did best–cutesy, non-threatening pop cultural trivia for the over-35 set–with the return of my much-missed Pop Up Video. Albeit in a format that I can’t actually enjoy:

The original “Pop,” which stopped airing in 2002 on the Viacom-owned channel, featured music videos with informational bubbles that popped up with facts and trivia about the artists, song or related subject matter. The new installment of original videos, “Pop Up Video to Go,” will be offered cross carrier exclusively on VH1′s mobile network and will be updated weekly.

So what do you do if (sniff) your “mobile device” is a crappy phone that can barely take a decent snapshot let alone download video? VH1, please do not entirely abandon the long-suffering portion of your couch potato fanbase that would gladly (if not proudly) lapse into a six-hour Rock’n'Roll Jeopardy coma but would rather get a bamboo-shoot manicure than watch a single episode of Hogan Knows Best.

“Pop Up Video” Back On Bubble [Yahoo via Reuters]

  1. Ianny

    I miss the days when Music Television Channels played music. It’s be awesome if VH1 brought Pop Up Video back for real, but alas, the cell phones have it. The old days remain old, I’m afraid.

  2. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    No, I don’t want to watch it on my phone because the screen is small.

    Though, I can’t wait for the pop up version of Stronger and it will say something about Kanye’s sunglasses costing 4,000 or something.

  3. Twilly

    God I misses me some Pop-up Video. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon time killer.

  4. SixStars

    I love Pop Up Video and I am pretty sure I can give Mark McGrath (yeah, I can’t believe I know this myself) a run for his money on Rock n Roll Jeopardy. I would love for VH1 to get back on those tracks and the playing music video track. Of course I also worked for them and there is only so many times one can watch Shania Twain’s “I feel like a Woman” video.

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