2007′s Endless Reunion Concerts Just Got A Little Sexier (And A Little Sadder)

Sep 18th, 2007 // 5 Comments

johnnyrotten.jpgEither someone’s very jealous of the Led Zeppelin guitaristbassist [lol @ no coffee] that shares his first name–or maybe Phil Collins, or Sting, or Scary Spice–or the royalties from showing his ass with Bif Naked/passing judgement on nu-metal bands on Fuse have already dried up, because guess who’s back on Nov. 8 for one night only:

Yes, according to noted Friend of Punk the BBC, nice fiftysomething British chaps the Sex Pistols are reuniting for no less than the third go round, this time at Brixton Academy to celebrate Never Mind The Bollocks being (holy crap) one year older than I am. Being the third time–and having witnessed John Lydon’s silly-ass post-alt-rock trail of non-musical gigs, from mouthy nature show host (the weirdest) to spiked Simon Cowell (the saddest) to VH1 talking head (happens to the best of us) to reality TV star (more money there than in music)–I don’t know why I still got some kind of punk rock muscle memory twitch of sadness/embarassment at the prospect of 51-year-old Lydon dusting off the shiny Ma$e suit from the Filthy Lucre tour so he can run through more compressed, glitzed up 21st-century versions of “Bodies” and “Pretty Vacant.” And I really don’t know why I’d be grabbing the sleeping bag and telling Maura I’d be be back in a week if they announced a one-time Public Image Ltd. reunion with the original line-up.

Sex Pistols To Make Live Comeback [BBC via Blabbermouth]

  1. Dickdogfood

    Man, I still want to believe he’s capable of something special.

    And uh, yeah, I think I’d go the sleeping bag too re: PIL.

  2. extracrispy

    Yeh, a PiL show would be great. I mean, who doesn’t like getting spit on and mooned repeatedly by the lead singer?

  3. magic1

    I’ll just stay home that night and rewatch The Filth and the Fury on DVD, thanks.

  4. mike a

    Now’s the time for ATP to ask Lydon, Wobble and Levine to perform Metal Box in its entirety. (We can wish, right?)

  5. Jupiter8

    I’ve been shocked that he hasn’t reformed PiL especially after all the post-punk/Gang of Four-type excitement of a couple years back (and the classic PiL lineup-not the sad later years when they were just his backing band)….

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