DRM: Does It Even Matter?

Sep 18th, 2007 // 3 Comments

We’ve talked a lot about labels’ efforts to break their music free from copy protection around here, but the data on whether or not said unshackling is actually a good sales strategy is still a bit fuzzy. Digital Music News reports that most of the recent experiments with DRM-free music have, up to this point, had results that are confusing at best, although they did get a nice quote from the COO of the roll-your-own-store company Snocap claiming that “Pound for pound, MP3 sells more” to those people who actually decide to pony up for music. But do consumers buy more MP3s because they’re actively looking to fight the digital-rights management monster or because they just want a song that can play on their personal-music device of choice? Since you’re a bunch of pretty savvy listeners–not to flatter or anything!–let’s take this issue to our polling software:

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DRM Questions Continue, Experimental Data Remains Foggy [Digital Music News]

  1. CarsmileSteve

    to clarify, DRM isn’t rly an issue, but then i’ve only ever bought one thing from the itunes store (the fact that i now have an account makes it more likely i’ll buy MORE if i can’t find what i’m looking for by [cough] other means [cough] though…)

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