The Hannah Montana Ticket Crisis: Let’s Blame The Internet!

Sep 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

hannah.jpgSo apparently that scalper/broker-fueled Hannah Montana concert sell-out in Florida was not an isolated incident. The Houston Chronicle reports that tickets are disappearing within seconds across the country thanks to…unscrupulous Internet types! (We’re just no good, people.) With the draconian touring schedule that Disney has imposed upon thankfully-just-over-the-Child-Labor-Law-cutoff Miley Cyrus, repeat gigs in the same town are apparently impossible, and adults have been forced to make potentially life-changing decisions in order to keep their spoiled spawn happy. One of many (literally) sad tales from America’s parents is after the jump:

Among parents dismayed by the fast Houston sellout and subsequent price gouging is Sandra Isget of Groveton. Having promised her 8-year-old son she’d get tickets, she wound up paying $629 for two seats to a Bossier City, La., show via Ticket Exchange, a service of Ticket Master, which allows fans to sell or buy among each other.

“I didn’t trust eBay, because you don’t know who those people are,” Isget said.

Now she’s having buyer’s remorse.

“It was supposed to be something light-hearted and fun, and it’s turned into something more expensive than our monthly mortgage,” Isget said. “My son has no knowledge of us going into credit-card debt to get the tickets. I thought it would be worth it — that it would compensate for my own mental anguish — but it leaves me with such a bad feeling. I’d promised him. How far am I willing to go to keep that promise. If I refused, that only hurts him.”

Uhhh…he’s eight years old. If he even remembers this concert by the time he’s a pube-’stached 13–having rotted his brains out from too much huffed glue/stolen domestic beer after he’s manned up and switched from Disney teenpop starlets to rap and/or metal–I will personally refund this woman her $629 adjusted for inflation. (Provided I can find her since I imagine she and her family will be living on the streets of Louisiana thanks to buying little Billy a pet alpaca rather than paying their mortgage.) Maura thinks that this Montana ticket debacle spells “the last gasp of My Super Sweet 16 culture.” Me? I’m just remembering my broke-ass parents reverting to some sort of primal/feral state while trying to claw a stray Cabbage Patch Kid during the Christmas rush and thinking that our culture could use a stern matron to tell it to clam up and be happy with whatever leisure culture it can actually afford.

How Much Would You Pay For Hannah Montana Tickets? [Houston Chronicle]

  1. mike a

    That whole debacle could have been avoided had the parent used two of the most powerful words in her arsenal: “We’ll see.” Then you either wait for your kid to forget about it, or you’ve at least prepared the kid for a negative outcome.

  2. Twilly

    My mother would have said “when your father and i can afford to pay $700 bucks for concert tickets is the day we’ll even consider doing it for you”

    All I wanted as a kid was to see the Bozo show. But my mother kindly explained the waiting lists were so long that unless I wanted to wait until I was 15 there was no way I could see the Bozo show live.

    I never had a chance to win a new bike….

  3. Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    Same thing here in Phoenix. The Craigslist debate on ticket scalping provided much entertainment.

  4. zibby

    @mike a: I’m with you. Why paint yourself into a corner with unnecessary promises? Anyhow, what if the tickets had been $2500? Or $5,000? Would she still have taken the kid?

  5. Twilly

    On Chicago Craigslist she’s going for more than double the price of a Springsteen ticket.

  6. Twilly


    Okay…that’s kind of sad.

  7. zibby

    @Twilly: True, it seems unlikely that a second person would be fooled into buying (or trading for) that dinette set…

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