Idolator Thinks You Should Listen To Scritti Politti Too

Sep 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

jess (10:44:55 AM): ‘Sup?
maura (10:45:06 AM): Nothin.
maura (10:45:38 AM): Listening to White Bread Black Beer.
jess (10:45:50 AM): I’m listening to Scritti too.
maura (10:45:59 AM): We r lame.

maura (10:46:22 AM): Really?
jess (10:46:31 AM): Yeah, the Early singles.
maura (10:46:35 AM): Nice.
jess (10:46:41 AM): Get out of my head Johnston.
maura (10:46:42 AM): Does this call for a post?
jess (10:47:01 AM): Yes.
jess (10:47:12 AM): We’re going to start getting our periods in the same week next.
maura (10:47:23 AM): PMS DEATHCAGE MATCH.
jess (10:49:11 AM): You know, maybe it’s just because I watched Coming To America this weekend, but listening to “Perfect Way” kinda makes me feel like a wacky Eddie Murphy romantic comedy co-starring Arsenio Hall should be starting when its over.
maura (10:49:24 AM): lol


  1. Ned Raggett

    I have Jessica Harbl to thank for first listening to those early singles a while back. (In exchange for Disco Inferno, wasn’t it?)

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Clearly I’m on the wrong wavelength this morning. I woke up to the headline that Yahoo! was buying a company called Zimbra, and that immediately prompted me to put on Talking Heads.

  3. The Mozfather

    Apparently Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip is working with Green Gartside on a side project. I’m hoping it’ll be pop synthesizers rather than thoughtful guitar plonking, but either way, it should be interesting.

  4. amyk

    I loved the New Yorker profile of Scritti Politti. Is it sad that I use Conde Nast as justification of one of my first pop loves?

    Perfect Way is just so brilliant that I still dance on the El when it comes on the iPod.

  5. the rich girls are weeping

    Dude, how/why is this like the THIRD convo I’ve had about Scritti Politti in a week? Is this a side effect of Rhodri Marsden’s viral video antics?

  6. Anonymous

    I work in the “nostalgia” side of the music business, so I get to relish in my love for fruity pop like Scritti on a daily basis. My boss, however, takes it 3 steps too far by relishing in Savage Garden.

  7. rogerniner

    As a child obsessed with pop music in the 80′s, “Perfect Way” always struck me as being very damn poppy, and as I aged and became angrier and teen-agery, this song pissed me off greatly. Then, upon hearing “Skank Bloc Bologna” for the first time, my head exploded. This was the same band? Upon further research, Gartside became one of my personal heroes for allowing me to re-examine and, hell, re-enjoy pop music again.

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