David Lee Roth To Zakk Wylde: “Sir, You Are No Wolfgang”

Sep 18th, 2007 // 12 Comments

More from that last Van Halen rehearsal: Apparently a lot of Metal Edge boldface names were in attendance; while some were content to just watch the show and pump their fists along with “Panama,” others apparently thought that their invitation to the festivities was also an invitation to jump on stage and let people in attendance know that they were, in fact, still alive, and available for guitar-playing/high-heel-wearing duties should any of the current members of Van Halen be struck down:

Some of the people in attendance were Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE) METALLICA’s Kirk Hammett and Zakk Wylde. About two songs into the show, Zakk — who was front row — tried to get onstage with Eddie [Van Halen]. The security were wrestling to pull him off and David Lee Roth came over and said, ‘Nah, nah, nah. Are you in show biz? Then get off the stage. Get off the fucking stage.’ At that point Eddie came over and acknowledged Zakk, saying something to the effect of, ‘Hey, man, I can’t do this right now.’ Throughout the show though Eddie was smiling at Zakk. At one point Zakk swapped shoes with one of his guests (a girl who was wearing high heels) and spent a good portion of the show wearing these!!

You can see the DLR dressing-down in the above clip; it’s kind of sad to just see Wylde standing there, Courteney Cox-in-”Dancing In The Dark”-style, waiting to be held aloft by his heroes, only to get a dressing-down from one of them. On the bright side, his foray into high-heel-wearing–while at a show! what a trouper!–has probably all but guaranteed him a spot in Roth’s next home video, or at the very least season 12 of The Surreal Life.

OWNED David Lee Roth Style [YouTube]
ZAKK WYLDE Gets ‘Owned’ By DAVID LEE ROTH At VAN HALEN Rehearsal; Video Available [Blabbermouth]


  1. Whigged

    Zakk is a two-bit douche. He went from a teased hair prima-donna in Ozzy’s band to now a faux-biker punk in a shitty metal band. The guy deserved to get owned.

  2. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Looks like we actually agree on something, Whigged. Zakk is a joke. That guy can find a way to throw pinch harmonics into fucking ANYTHING.

    As for “Romeo Delight,” the music sounds pretty great! Roth’s vocals, on the other hand…

  3. AcidReign

        Was that “Women in Love,” from VH-II? It was hard to tell with all the over-driven cellphone mic noise…

  4. Whigged

    @AcidReign: I wish. Alas, that’s quite possibly one of the best VH songs called “Romeo Delight.”

  5. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @AcidReign: Nope. “Romeo Delight” from “Women and Children First.”

    Undeniably my favorite tune from the Roth era.

  6. Jupiter8

    Wow! DLR is pretty cocky for a guy who got canned from a radio show and had to learn to be an EMT worker and released an album under the name “DLR Band” because he knew if program directors (or the public) saw his name on it they’d probably ignore it…

  7. Whigged

    @Jupiter8: Congrats – you’ve just been awarded the non-sensical post of the day sticker!

    How exactly is Dave being cocky here? Because he told a no-talent hack to get off of his stage. You’re right, he lost a radio gig – he should just let anyone on-stage. Again, you make NO SENSE.

  8. janine

    @Whigged: As a general rule of thumb, calling DLR cocky is an accurate description. I appreciate that you feel strongly about Van Halen.

  9. brasstax

    I must be the only one here who sees this as a light-hearted exchange. I don’t pick up any actual malice in Dave’s “dressing-down” at all. Just jokes!

  10. Whigged

    @janine: No doubt, and as a fan(boy), I think he has every right to be. That he lost a radio gig and two albums ago titled a release ‘DLR Band’ takes absolutely nothing away from the fact that he is the original singer for perhaps the greatest American rock and roll band – ever (sorry Aerosmith -you lost me after “Pump”).

  11. janine

    @Whigged: Nice trick there: “That he lost a radio gig and two albums ago titled a release ‘DLR Band’ takes absolutely nothing away from the fact that he is the original singer for perhaps the greatest American rock and roll band – ever.” Dude said that DLR is pretty cocky considering that he’s been a little loserish for a few years now.

    That’s an important point if you hate DLR and many do. The very personality traits that make him a good lead singer are the same that make him annoying to the point where I understood why VH replaced him. I’d be listening to Poundcake, feeling disappointed, and then I’d think to myself, what would it be like to tour with DLR? Heck, I listen to Women & Children First at least twice a week and I couldn’t be in a room with DLR for more than 10 minutes. I love him, but he’s annoying.

    In any case, my real point is that no matter how much you love something, fanboy is not a good look. Unless you’re talking about Bruce Campbell.

  12. Whigged

    @janine: Trust me – I wear it well.

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