Guitar Dealer Busted For Selling Fake Axes; Peanut Gallery All Too Happy To Chime In

Sep 18th, 2007 // Comment

Today a Long Island man was arrested for selling counterfeit replicas of Gibson guitars–as opposed to phonily aged replicas of guitars–out of his music shop. The bootlegger, who was charged with second-degree trademark counterfeiting, had 15 fake guitars seized from his store and another 18 taken from his house; the models he was ripping off can fetch prices of up to $10,000. The best part of this whole thing:

Somehow, this story on Newsday‘s site has become a lightning rod for comments on the state of rock music and the lack of availability of guitar lessons in the New York suburbs; my favorite, though, has to be “They shold have known when they saw “Esteban” etched on the guitar, that it was not a Gibson,” misspelling and comma splice and all, because really, when was the last time you heard a good a half-hearted attempt at an Esteban joke?

Fake guitars seized from Oakdale music shop [Newsday]

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