Sep 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Is it just me or does this line–”Other nominees include Lil Wayne, Spoon, TV on the Radio and M.I.A.”–from this AP story on the mtvU “Woodie” awards (Shins naturally in the lead for nominations) seem like the final nail in the uncomfortable (but unavoidable) theory among rap critics that Lil Wayne is now blog rock? [Yahoo via AP]


  1. Halfwit

    I never thought that there was any doubt. Aside from the occassional crossover single, Lil Wayne and Ghostface are the only rappers who get more than lip service in the blogosphere (maybe Nas, but not in terms of his entire discography).

  2. CharlesRockyPamplin

    @Halfwit: Wither the Clipse? their audience seems to consist solely of white, be-backpacked Cochella dwellers getting off on Pitchfork approved Trill-Tales.*

    *excuse me, i seem to have a case of the Edward Leers…

  3. Halfwit

    @CharlesRockyPamplin: I stand corrected. Definitely the Clipse.

    That may be my holy trinity of blogworthy, “hard” rappers (no points for Kanye, he’s practically blog-designed).

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