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carrie.jpgCMT is going to play nothing but Carrie Underwood’s video for “So Small” for a six-hour block tomorrow, during which the clip will be played about 64 times, by the channel’s estimation. Sadly, there will be no trick-the-audience-into-staying-glued-to-the-set moments similar to that April Fool’s stunt where MTV played “different versions” of Yes’ “Leave It” for an hour. (Please tell me someone else remembers that, and that I didn’t just dream it.) [Idol Chatter]

  1. Jupiter8

    I remember that Yes stunt-I think they had like 30+ versions of that video and I do remember that every version was slightly different…ah yes (or Yes), who could ever forget that version where they all stood motionless in suits chroma-keyed on a white background while they were flipped upside-down? (the remixes were definitely some excellent Trevor Horn/Art of Noise-goodness, though).

  2. Dickdogfood

    I remember it. I sat through it! Made me buy the 12″ at the Roosevelt Field Sam Goody! (MY MEMORIES ARE OPPRESSING ME.) Then I destroyed it in a fit of I-don’t-know-what!

    I think they only played all umpteen versions once, but maybe they’re on some Yes DVD or the YouTubes.

  3. Rob Murphy

    I have a really stupid question: why? If there’s no “gimmick” as Maura described, and the song does not have some “special” meaning [e.g., "we support the troops!"], what does CMT get out of this? I suspect Maura is right — that viewers will quickly become bored and change the channel.

    Maybe this is just one last vomit of video programming — MTVN-owned CMT’s way of preparing its audience for its inevitable MTV-ization, where it dumps videos entirely and only airs fake “reality” shows [e.g., "The Ozarks"] and makeover shows [e.g., "Pimp My Tractor"].

  4. Butch Huskey

    what about the 24 hours of Madonna “True Blue” videos

  5. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    I don’t remember this alleged Yes-fest of which you speak, but I do remember that MTV once had a contest where viewers sent in their own videos for a Madonna song, maybe “True Blue,” and that, in addition to picking a winner, they played the viewer-made videos for like 24 hours straight.

    I do remember that, right?

  6. Maura Johnston

    Definitely remember the “True Blue” marathon. One could say that it was the first viral-video contest! And then one would get a kick in the teeth from me.

    The Yes thing, though, I was convinced I’d conjured up in my head. Idolator readers work for me! Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy, guys!

  7. Sleepyhead

    Didn’t they also used to play “Thriller” every hour on the hour for a week or two? That would be pretty cool even now.

    When MTV2 was wet and sparkling new, and still called M2, they started off one new year (2000? 1995?) by playing every video ever played on MTV or M2 in alphabetical order by artist. It went from January 1 through mid-March, and of course I found out about immediately after it ended. Did anyone witness this supercool legend or is it too good to have actually happened?

  8. Captain Wrong

    I’m curious too as to what exactly this is supposed to accomplish.

  9. Maura Johnston

    @aarondf: Yes! This coincided with a spate of unemployment I had, so I got to watch a lot of it. (Although from what I remember, each day was actually made up of two 12-hour loops, so it was possible to catch the “marathon” twice.) Ah, memories–there was even one point where “Gentlemen” by the Afghan Whigs was played back-to-back with “Get The Funk Out” by Extreme, and I was like, hello, high school in reverse.

    @CaptainWrong: Press coverage from item-hungry outlets?

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