What You Always Feared: The Internet Is Now More Important Than Your Friends

Sep 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

hypemachinesurvey.jpgAt least in terms of finding new shit to listen to. This graph is taken from the results of a straw poll put together by MP3 blog catch-all the Hype Machine to find out how its readers “discover new music,” and as you can clearly see, the Internet is kicking human contact’s ass!

Obviously a very not-so-scientific study, the results are noted by Hype Machine as “unsurprising” for a site that collects and filters a bazillion MP3 blogs, attracting a readership that’s already disposed to hunting and pecking through links rather than leafing through a review section, with print making a higher showing than I expected to be honest. Growing up (pre-Internet obviously, because I’m ancient and/or we were too poor for Compuserve), I can say that print, whether it was zines or even the daily paper, would have easily trumped my friends’ recommendation because they either had terrible taste or were exposed to only what broadcast media threw up. But I am a little surprised by the piss-poor showing from “intuitive” online radio, etc. in “Online Mechanical,” which the folks at Hype Machine reckon might have something to do with “algorithms for recommendations haven’t hit the tipping point of getting more rights than wrongs.”

Hype Survey Results: How Do You Discover New Music? [Hype Machine via ]


  1. col

    i use all sources to put together a list of bands to check out when i get the time. that includes print mags and the internet. not EVERYTHING in traditional media is crap, though a damned LOT of it is. one of my favorite finds of 2006, dan sartain, came to me thru rolling stone.

    much of the music people talk about is, in my opinion, run-of-the mill indie. nothing really that interesting or worth my time.

    finding stuff online helps me form my own opinions instead of jumping on the latest grizzly bear band wagon.

  2. Al Shipley

    I thought the internet was my friend.

  3. Josh Mock

    What if your friends write online editorials?

    Or: Maura, will you be my friend? :(

  4. Halfwit

    Re: The low showing for online mechanical.

    I think that a lot of people who make active use of those online recommendation systsems already have a fairly wide base of music knowledge. Pandora and Last.Fm usually do good jobs of bringing up artists that I like, but they also tend to be artists that I’m already familiar with (blame it on the relatively long lead time before new releases or artists get into the recommendation database, I guess).

  5. bedofnails

    Just the same with the radio listening poll posted today, where does Myspace fall into this? Is it a “online editorial”?

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