Sep 20th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Machine Head singer speaks about evil Disney empire shutting down two of the band’s shows: “It’s basically a form of profiling, and it’s pretty shocking. A result of 9-11 is that you have people acting in a way they say makes the world a safer place. I just want to know, safer for who?” C’mon dude–only when “driving while metal” actually enters the lexicon of American fucked-up-ness do you get to use the word “profiling” with a straight face when talking about someone putting the kibosh on your gigs. [Blabbermouth]


  1. Fried Bologna Is Back!

    Driving While Metal would be an awesome album title.

  2. noamjamski

    Anyone who doesn’t think people who are Metal don’t get discriminated against aren’t actually Metal.

  3. noamjamski

    Holy crap have I spent way too much time in Excel today. Apologies to anyone who reads that for the crimes against grammar. Maybe we should be discriminated against after all.

    Anyways, \m/

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