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75649101.jpgAmerican Idol runner-up (and off-brand Clarkson) Katharine McPhee claims hopes of one day becoming “the female version of John Mayer.” Right now I’m trying to gauge just how much self-loathing it would actually take for a woman to pen a song as unctuous and condescending as “Daughters.” [MTV]

  1. ascot-revival

    McPhee penning her own material? Clarkson, we have a problem.

  2. Twilly

    I’ve never understood why “Daughters” has become the “Daddy/Daughter dance” anthem at weddings.

    Bad song aside, does no one even listen to lyrics anymore?

  3. Lucas Jensen

    “Daughters” is downright creepy to me. As a wedding DJ, you would not believe what songs pick for first dances and stuff. I did one where they picked “Fix You” by Coldplay. What?

  4. Twilly

    @Lucas Jensen:

    I used to be a wedding photographer’s assistant. In small town Midwest it’s lots of “country” and NSync.

    But “Fix You” that’s a new level of weird.

  5. Juancho

    It’s easy: absentee parents (especially dads) get to dance with their kid to a song about how they should have taken care of them. And then, those kids have sex…ewww.

    Full disclosure: I like John Mayer. I was there at the start, and its steadily declining, but it’s still enjoyable.

    When I first heard Heavier Things, “Daughters” was one of the few songs I thought had single written all over it; I’m a little surprised Columbia waited so long to release it to radio. And once it takes off on radio, it’s a long, slow decline to stuck on repeat hell.

  6. Anonymous

    The End of the road for Katharine McPhee

    Katharine McPhee’s popularity has been on a fast decline. Her lies to fans about waiting on marriage and children, her phony message of wanting to be a role model to young girls and of course her marrying a guy almost twice her age who has been a loser all his life. Any new record label may think twice about investing time and money on her. With her weak reviews of her upcoming film, it doesn’t seem likely you’ll see her in many more. Maybe nude films or nude photos may be her only means in a few months

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