The Led Zep Reunion Ticket Aftermath: It’s Gonna Be Like, Well, You Know

Sep 20th, 2007 // Comment

wedontneedanotherhero.jpgNow that the dust has cleared on the ticket lottery fiasco, the post-apocalyptic battle for Led Zeppelin reunion seats has begun, with over one million classic-rockin’ road warriors slugging it out with each other for just 20,000 spaces. Which, if they win, they’ll still “have to pay £125, plus booking fees, per ticket” according to the BBC. The promoters hope that (ha ha) those lucky 20k won’t take advantage of the unlucky 980k and perhaps try to scalp the coveted prize at a price higher than £125, but sadly it’s every wannabe viking for himself in the Thunderdome called “Internet ticket resales.”

One Million In Zeppelin Gig Draw [BBC]

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