Diddy’s Ideal Lady Smell: You Pick The Odor

Sep 20th, 2007 // 10 Comments

diddyface.jpgAs I was walking around last night, smellin’ stuff, something about Diddy’s assertion that, as a man, he “knows how a woman should smell” started to bother me. It wasn’t Diddy’s offhand, predictable sexism. It was the feeling that he had a very specific odor in mind–not just a manufactured scent, but something primal. But what? It nagged at me all night. And, well, you know there’s only one way to figure this out:

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  1. K2

    I don’t know about smell, but I do know his idea of a perfume print ad should look like harassment.

  2. k122n

    i would have gone with “white man’s asshole”

  3. CloudCarrier

    You forgot to add “Toothpick”.

  4. Dickdogfood

    The correct answer, the ONLY answer: like Diddy.

  5. shunguy007

    Piddy looks like “Bubba” from “Forest Gump” & I know the name of anyone who buys this hack’s perfume/cologne: shmuck.

  6. zaky


    You totally beat me to the punch. I was going to say something along the lines of “cute white boys”.

  7. bourgeoisie

    @gunshy007: his ‘irresistible’ fragrance is one of the best selling in 2007 if I remember correctly…who’s the shmuck?

  8. shunguy007

    Diddy, like Britney or even the Olsen twins, is just another name for product placement. These people have no artistic integrity (none are true artists anyway) & therefore the peeps who queue up to purchase their latest “best selling” crap are shmucks.

  9. DrSpaceman


  10. This chick is really crazy. I think she’s cool enough

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